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  1. Lit Tage 🔥 hate you
  2. Looks good apart from how would you start said event, would it be random or started by a player?
  3. Lit 🔥 Innates a good little kitten at the end of the video. 🤣
  4. .Shy


    Support Senior Sergeant Shy
  5. Lit. 🔥 Adaptive Crosshair kinda questionable tho. 🤔
  6. Hold up, this is lit. 🔥 (F you 2:33)
  7. Hold up, who let him cook? ITSSSS LIT 🔥
  8. Never said that I'm quitting arma and never actually said "last", there's a "?" for a reason. Lets just say that I might do more montages but might not.
  9. Congrats @Witz. Sad to see you go @Ronald. 😢
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