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  1. That right there bois is VC the superior gang
  2. The legend of the kavala pistol banger.
  3. Reminds me of all the damn good times in Arma 2 taki life nice vid!
  4. Man don't tell me Atlis is T sided...
  5. Hell yea fun to watch shit gettin blown tf up!
  6. Nice work! Keep it up! Oh wait....
  7. In-Game Name: PAPA ASAP Age: 17 Estimated Asylum Time: 600 Bank Balance: 120,000 Have you ever been banned? 20 minutes it was bullshit Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak? Hell yea Current and Past Gangs? R.O.A Do you know any members of our gang? all of you
  8. IN GAME NAME:-мощность- vito scaletta HOURS ON ALTIS:145 but 400+ on arma 2 life EXPERIENCE WITH CARTELS,TERRITORY,FED,BANK: Controledand defended many territories AGE:16 WHY ARE YOU INTERESTED IN JOINING {R.O.A}: Need some arma buddies HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BANNED: No HOW OFTEN CAN YOU PLAY PER DAY:4 hours DO YOU HAVE TEAMSPEAK: Yes
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