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  1. Oh I’ve been back don’t get me wrong and I can say it’s been dead it’s a Hail Mary either it hits or doesn’t worth a try
  2. maybe it gets boring cause you fucking blow at the game obviously it’ll suck getting shit on left and right I would to maybe don’t suck so bad never heard me cry about it once on all my years on there fix your teeth before replying to me
  3. Actually keep me banned. the wipe will be a 50/50 the odds are high on the server dying. doing this will make the asylum kiddos who grinded for there money and houses I guarantee they will not touch asylum again. Unban kids who have stupid VDM bans and other stupid shit the server wipe isn’t the solution it ain’t going to make it 120 pop everyday and all day arma is dead already no one plays I guarantee this wipe will make olympus blow up
  4. We need asylums reboot card from fortnite
  5. Bouta apply and mod from the benches
  6. Yeah go ahead and delete the game cause you suck real bad
  7. If I win will I receive a unban been here since the start
  8. The zoom in during kills hurts my head 😩
  9. Good shit YNW Belly proud of you
  10. Nice Update!!!!!(Unban me) Keep it going!!!
  11. Congrats to the new moderators!!!! Good job! (Unban Me)
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