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  1. Can't wait to see how this ends up fucked, we can't have any nice things.
  2. The JSRS is giving me mil-sim PTSD. Nice content though.
  3. I personally think there's more than enough empty excavation spots.
  4. Is that a poop flap I spy?
  5. Name: Kernikov Time Zone: CST Age: 23 Arma 3 Hours (Screenshot): Asylum Hours (Estimate): Several hundred Money(Screenshot) And Ifrits / Helicopters Possessed: sum Previous Gang Affiliations: Divinity, Mudgunners, Dirty Pigs Who can Vouch for you?: My fellow career cops Why should we accept you into our gang?: I've done feds with you already btw
  6. MilOffices might be cool if they were the requirement for a gang house, issue being that there aren't too many of them. The Shops would be impossible to lock, considering the entire open front.
  7. All the rats camping the box will starve... Good.
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