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  1. ITT: Idiots who think 1 rebel is equal to 1 cop
  2. +1 SWAT roleplay I think this is an oxymoron. Weapon selection is looking like Cpl+ goodies. Sgts get GLs already, I could see an argument for 3GL smokes or ... Weapon selection should be SWAT and APD rank dependent, e.g. marksman rifles at Cpl+ and GLs for Sgt. SWAT should use western style, doesn't make sense for everyone to rock an AK-12. If the TOs want to do weapon specific qualifications, let them develop training for it. Usage should be authorized by an on duty LT+ only, a magic button at HQs or similar.
  3. This post is from a career cop perspective. The electric fence hack is too fast for police to redeploy and react to. If this is intentional design, for the police to be arriving as the rebels need to re-position, it still doesn't work because no one is actually in an animation or outside of a vehicle to physically stop. The terrain in the area favors defenders with excellent bushes for ambushes and roaches, meaning the cops arriving in sports hatchbacks are food for the rebels on site already on location. The reinforcement time (respawn, re-gear and return) is probably the longest and least intuitive for cops. The closest HQ is Highway Patrol, which doesn't have access to an aircraft garage. The most direct route is south down the highway until you have a straight-shot in and can floor it. It's the lowest priority 'incident', and arguably the fastest to lose. If the first cops on scene don't stall the rebels by immediately shooting the tires or people out of an Ifrit (xd), rebels can plant and cruise out 2km away to the closest rebel, which in an active pursuit is an uphill battle, literally. Personally, I wouldn't bring a Hunter or Orca in and have it tossed into the rebel loot pot when I have to respond to the bank/prison/fed that just started. Failing that, there's more than enough time to to destroy or steal it while I'm spending 4 minutes regearing the driving back. This is ignoring the shed, which is a sick meme. The ability to just cruise up and bank your loot is hilarious. The elevated security period is the effectively the shortest. The timer starting when the vault is cracked means that any fight over the HEMTT, be it spiked gates or the cops managing to down or kill anyone, cuts into the elevated period meaning that there's no rest or cooldown period between events. Any other thoughts? I've heard some gripes and didn't see a general feedback thread for any discussion for it.
  4. Sport hatchback? Can new players even buy one with their starter cash?
  5. Why isn't it "The Altis Fire & EMS"? Why isn't it just "Asylum Altis Police"? Make up your mind please. thanks
  6. Lots of the "we"-s in your post fall on developers and staff members who do this for free, with too much on their plates, and a toxic community. Under the leadership of Herr Beastwood, community feedback is being taken more often and the playerbase is sculpting the content on it's own. One of the problems, is the overabundance of "idea guys" and the scarcity of skilled members of the community who can be both trusted and skilled enough to contribute. It's easy to point out the problems, but what can you do to fix them?
  7. Bread is a loose cannon, and mad with power. Giving him any more was a mistake and now everyone is going to suffer the consequences. xd
  8. Can't wait to see how this ends up fucked, we can't have any nice things.
  9. The JSRS is giving me mil-sim PTSD. Nice content though.
  10. I personally think there's more than enough empty excavation spots.
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