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  1. nice pulldown scripts
  2. @skimancolehas never been gov he would never understand...... (not cool enough)
  3. hope you enjoy your travels! stay safe o7
  4. stay away from gov peasants have no say
  5. william do something better with your life
  6. taking offers 20221203172545_1.jpg (gyazo.com) https://gyazo.com/89be6e0a32754696bef05d40f0866925
  7. Lex


    @Junkerwhat do you buy lol 10 flash bangs and 10 spike strips everytime you spawn mx is like 2.5k on cop and bounty hunters play with friends also so money is capped at 175k even split
  8. Lex


    +1 should just make it X amount of honor to earn it
  9. Taking offers https://gyazo.com/0ba44a01a533536caaa3cfbe65bca2cf https://gyazo.com/94d93c7045ddbca70b09aff259702659
  10. Nice no recoil script and I like the pre fires
  11. when you run the same pc for a decade it needs a upgrade maybe get a job?
  12. looks pretty basic too me
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