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  1. https://youtu.be/BNp7SFl9TBc
  2. Ten million I will have him
  3. Don't be angry. It's not good for you and you're angry, but you can't do anything about Manhua, all you're expressing is telling us how much your government is brainwashing your citizens
  4. PGone

    New admins

    ken told me a very interesting rule that made me wonder about the familiarity of the rule as an administrator
  5. What is the biggest contribution to the server? Please tell me that the most important thing for a server is money and time, and Chinese people have contributed enough money and time to these two aspects, such as me: I started working at asylum in 2016. Can you tell me what you've contributed? In the end, you're the shit I also think manhua is a funny guy. Speaking of you, you are just a guy wearing capri pants and exposing your Calvin Klein underwear to your butt and the label says Made in China. After all, you are the real idiot
  6. I believe Asylum will be a script player server in the future
  7. Do I need to tell the admin to some of you who have ever used scripts or bought and sold game money? While they are avoiding Ban to continue playing on Asylum
  8. Why didn't your father tell you to study hard? Why don't you say, "Can you learn English by playing games?" when your dad asks you if you gave Mickey the money? Why don't you say. Study hard, children. Your grandfather once paid the price of his life for the Kuomintang and you are using your grandfather's experience as a story
  9. But you were bitten by a dog today
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