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  1. But you were bitten by a dog today
  2. PGone和Molu就是其中之一 I still suggest you cut back on clips like this, it lowers everyone's standards
  3. PGone


    https://gyazo.com/6bc42aefe34e4e56b17ced528080bac7 https://gyazo.com/9619b14e53ac32d7c974c9cfc28c3e51 https://gyazo.com/8bd99a38ba37c7b9d7942de180f29342
  4. Yes, I am forty years old
  5. Why is it that the problem is that you always attribute it to ping, you as the administrator are supposed to pursue the truth, whether it's the ping cause or some reason you are supposed to answer, you are not supposed to be here to say useless things to sheltered players, you as the administrator you have the initiative, but it is not your weapon
  6. Are you Arab? Say hello to your ancestors when you overestimate the status of your country please look at reality and stop living in the world of your children. By the way, will you wear a turban like your ancestors? Chinese people are never afraid of anyone hating them, but I know you hate Chinese people very much, you only make Chinese people happy, are you jealous? fuck you An idiot
  7. 我相信你学到了迈克尔·杰克逊的月球漫步 I believe you learned the Michael Jackson moonwalk You should sing a song about it
  8. @汤姆That's why you're like shit, sometimes you fight like a fool in the cartel, but in some places you're as strong as a god, and when you're strong, you use third-party software to tell them who else maybe the administrator will give you a chance. You're crying in the bathroom right now 看到结果了吗?可以预测未来
  9. You'll know how bad you are when I have a better ping. I know my monitor is better than yours but your ping will let you see me faster。 Please shut the fuck up
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