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  1. https://gyazo.com/829b84d4f8c0d00a55523cba06cf545c
  2. More videos will be posted when they are uploaded
  3. Thank you for the gold bar. Thank you
  4. No, as long as it's not suspected of corruption
  5. I haven't received a gift package from the management for a long time
  6. Now download an anti-virus software, your network has been controlled by Chinese Internet authorities, fuck you
  7. Yes, this is the actual situation, some administrators forbid him to walk on your head and chat with you, or do not answer you, do not accept any explanation from you, I understand your feeling, but you have to accept it, because there is nothing you can do @混乱In my opinion, he is a very capable worker, but he has to face the real life, he needs to work, not not reply to you
  8. I hope it is like what you said, but the reality will give you a heavy blow. You should know that China has already surpassed the US in many aspects. The US government's suppression of Huawei is a good example, but Huawei is still developing very strong and does not care about the US suppression,china#1 Do you know Fuyao factory? That factory is owned by China, and he has tens of thousands of American people working for him, earning money from the Chinese
  9. 操你妈个逼,你个傻狗,你这只臭老鼠 只能在美国的下水道生活,舔着中国人排放出来的黄尿液
  10. If you have a tin shack that you would like to sell, please contact me with a reasonable price
  11. I don't think cartel battles will change much, this is an RPG server, you should experience the fun of making money, have money and then go cartel fights, not some people think, fight while making money, then the server will lose its life,
  12. 我和中国女人做爱的次数比你多。你是处女

    1. PGone


      I wanted to be a virgin too, but I got so many Chinese women to like me that virginity ended when I was just an adult

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