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  1. Lol Heid he fixed it, I was having issues embedding on mobile
  2. The criminals of Altis don’t stand a chance.
  3. Well the YouTube videos were fun while they lasted lol.
  4. What’s up dudes, I’m back. Been awhile, server feels better than ever! It looks like money cap is gone, what else is new? And has anyone seen Alec?
  6. I think the answer is obvious. Looks like you're the reining champ @HomeTrlx,
  7. Sergio

    Drones (IRL)

    @Olio We get them as intimate with the course as possible because we want the best racing. Pilots get to walk the course and get a feel for everything before they even start flying. Then they get two practice rounds where everyone flies their own pace. Then they dive into time trials (two races) where it's sort of like practice mode because everyone is spread out and racing against the clock instead of each other. The outcome of this places you in your ranking round groups and your start position for those. Then they dive into ranking rounds (5 races), which determines their s
  8. Sergio

    Drones (IRL)

    @frantic yea we use fatshark goggles. I recommend the Dominator HD3 v3 if anyone is looking to get one. They're light on your head and actually aren't to sickening. Heres Jet talking about it even
  9. Sergio

    Drones (IRL)

    Hey! Just saw my notifications. Glad you liked the show @Olio @KaNoodle and I do indeed work for DRL! I work as an editor, which is actually why I had to take some time off from asylum to work on the show. Off season is fast approaching so hopefully I'll have some extra time to play on asylum more. @KaNoodle does the commentating and analytics during the racing, so you'll see him on TV EDIT: if anyone is looking to get into drones, DRL is releasing an All-in-One ready-to-fly setup that is really easy to pick up and start flying. That comes out later this fall. If you wou
  10. If that was my briefing i would've ordered lethals loaded immediately, fuck that!
  11. Are you sure about that? I think some science is in order.
  12. I've never had issues with multiple drones deployed. There's literally zero issues when done properly via the blue connect button.
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