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  1. Server 5 when purges would happen on new years. (2014) When fog would take over the island and couldn't see 1m infront of you. Of course cannot forget the hackers. RIP Stratis you will be forever missed.
  2. Lol i like the 2nd attempt were you just completely miss the building
  3. Thanks d00d Yeah i realized that after i put it in so i was just like fuck it
  4. The division got stale pretty quick even playing with a group of friends, just got so repetitive killing the same mobs over and over again. Also the dark zone was a cool concept but was awful anytime you would go rogue the risk was hardly ever worth the reward.
  5. In game name: Qdpal Age: 18 Location/Timezone: NA EST Arma 3 hours (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/5f37a592d72be93d8b67a5e2a5b4e85c Previous gangs: DHM, Valorous Are you a member of the APD? If so what rank? Constable Do you have sufficient cartel experience? Yes Why do you want to join us? Been looking to join a small group that fights cartels and is active. What can you bring to Evil Corp? Game and map knowledge, Decent shot, and financially stable
  6. Just sold 32 scotch and only got taxed 1440 for the triad cartel it probably should be raised to 15% if it is going to make any money.
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