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  1. They upped house limit from 5 to 10?
  2. Keen12321

    V2 feedback

    Look, I really don't mind V2 is taking as long as it is. I can wait. What I'm asking is how long you guys think after v2 till we push content? You guys work on your own schedules which is cool. I'd understand if theres burnout too. I'm just legitimately just asking a question. Weeks, months, years. Are we looking in the near future or far future? All we have is V2 as a reference point for velocity of the new devs.
  3. Keen12321

    V2 feedback

    https://gyazo.com/0a83a5ecfcc2061bd43b95a9bac52833 There's no way for us to know when the repo was created. Thats why I used 4 + x months as my number. Jesse has been working on making asylum perform better since January if this screenshot is right. I get that this is essentially rewriting the mission file which makes new content look like nothing. I just am hopeful we don't have to wait for another couple months just to get a new money making method or even to get the removed features, reworked.
  4. Keen12321

    V2 feedback

    All this talk of future additions and new content after V2. V2 was announced 4 months ago and when it was announced, claimed to have months of work spent on it. When we talk about new content or revisited features how far are we talking? Weeks, months, years? I appreciate V2 and it was much needed, but, how long are we going to be waiting for these systems that existed to be reimplemented? I liked my '+25% selling illegal stuff'. Not OP. Just makes making money how it should be.
  5. Cartels aren't fun when its just one guy hiding in a bush. You should need to have 2-3 gang members in cap to take a cartel so that cartels are actual gang activities that sorta ensures a fight.
  6. I know the cartel system will be reworked soon enough but how would you feel if the old system returned with dirty money. Cartels seemed to have made way more money then than the current system (correct me if i'm wrong here). There was risk involved depositing the money which made up for how much you made. Would this make you fight cartels more often?
  7. I would like to thank the admins and developers that expressed their side in the controversial topic I made and it goes to show that I was proven wrong on the fact that the managers have lost interest in the server.
  8. @bamf Thank you for your response and sharing your side. It's really appreciated.
  9. @Mitch (IFRIT) @Clint Beastwood I want to thank you for your responses they were thought out and opened my eyes quite a lot about the back workings of the server. I posted this and these assumptions because I don't really know the back workings and I can't find someone who does. This was not meant for pure criticism I was writing this from a consumer perspective. Arma 3 is by no way gonna die I was only worried about Asylum because already my main server (server 2) is down and there is talk that server 3 will be too. Thank you for showing that you care.
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