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  1. Bad Stream .... shit player
  2. Stifyy


    In-Game Name: Stifyy Age: 18 Timezone: GMT +2 Are you a member of the APD (If so, what rank): Corporal How Much Money Do you Currently Have?:1.5 mil Hours played on Arma 3 (Screenshot):2k+ Hours Played on Asylum: 2k+ Donator Level (Level 3 Preferred):Level 3 Previous Gangs:Milf Hunters 69, The Black Unicorns Why do you want to join Instinct?:Cause I love Ollie Why should we let in Instinct?:Cause you love me Do you have any members who can vouch for you?: I don't know Any extra, relevant information you want to add?: I'm actully 14.
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