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  1. Again, perhaps a Stratis server with a lowered max pop? Assuming too much effort to convert the mission file to Stratis, but a second Altis server for max pop hours even for the duration of the quarantine feels like a waste of everyone's time really, no offense.
  2. If we can please convince you a second time to have it not be Altis... even having a smaller sized Stratis server would be more interesting. Tanoa was cool but understable as to why it wouldnt be done again
  3. still better skins that goyney
  4. Wait for Red Dead 2 RP. Racist rp must be allowed though its the law
  5. It is a light rp server so its very likely not going to be very rp heavy in general, especially in Kavala
  6. Scrollwheel bug still not patched?
  7. Removing some of the lower tier skins or skins for items that are rarely used or purchased (skinned assault packs XD) and replacing them with skins from people who have contributed but were previously denied would be a great idea.
  8. I bet they could get a good Jimmy Saville simulator off the ground with the funds they have left
  9. Kawaii

    Epic Giveaway

    Deep down I want the game for two reasons. The first reason, I trust CD Projekt Red to not be massive jews unlike every other game company currently operating. It seems like they worked well with the novel author to make a solid narrative driven game that hopefully with have engaging enough gameplay to provide hours of quality gaming experiences. Second, I want to play as a tranny robot with an absolutely massive cock. Regarding the video, I have a large appreciation for Finnish culture and humour. The mix of Miku Hatsune, the vocaloid sensation, a truly classic Finnish song and a spinning leek is a recipe for true greatness. I will be travelling to Coachella this year to see Miku perform live. Thank you for your consideration.
  10. fuck the second altis server in no way is it a good idea, everytime more altis servers were brought back the quality in gameplay dropped heavily. I think as Clint stated player pop is very dependent on the time of year, with downward trends every year. Possibly adding a second server during the summer for stratis or malden life could be fun, but only if this 115+ player pop trend continues into the summer
  11. This message brought to you by Bamboo Union
  12. Making more stuff accessible to new players is a good idea, should continue that with other things if possible
  13. Petition to make racist RP allowed I know you want it you piece of shit
  14. @Clint Beastwood I was and still am amazed that you managed to bring the server back from the state it was in. Thanks for trying gl with your shitty Mercedes
  15. it makes me feel very sad to see that you live in an alternate reality from the rest of us. mental illness is a real issue in america today and i hope people like you can see this and get the help you need to move forward and join the rest of us functioning human beings in reality instead of living in your own imaginary world with alternate history
  16. remove [insert item here] because i am a shitter and can't [improvise/adapt/overcome]
  17. Kawaii

    Chinese players

  18. My mother always tells me to smile and put on a happy face. She tells me that I have a purpose. I believe all of you do too

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      Mothers knows best.

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