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  1. A magnificent piece of modern art demonstrating the classic past time of locking cunts on a jet ski
  2. Imagine getting banned for cheating. If you don’t get banned for vdm, rdm, or cl, you’re a pussy
  3. Bada's missus confiscated the PC again, don't worry, he'll be back in 6-8 months.
  4. God damn it, of course this would be announced a few days after I get perm banned, @Samperino. I look forward to playing this on an alt account, hopefully it's actually good.
  5. make asylum fur suits while you're at it
  6. Why are they promoting one of the shittest gangs on asylum? You know Ron and I stopped their bank robbery singlehandedly with a rook right? Smfh
  7. so this retard gets to continue posting after saying that innocent people deserved to die because they follow a certain religion, yet im on mod queue for posting a link to someone's youtube channel? aight then, can someone delete this fucking retard off the forums?
  8. trying again since my first post didnt get approved for some reason. heavy breathing is leaving, the honeymoon phase with asylum is over, off to greener pastures. you may occasionally see one of us in a beige hatchback roaming kavala. im trying to make my exit without a perm ban goodbye
  9. I’ve never used bot as an insult on arma but that Olympus Ifrit guy literally got out and ran at you like AI. Fucking bot.
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