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  1. a city gets a red circle placed over it/players a forced to go in doors/ any vacant house. all APD has to go to the circle anyone not inside will be shot. everyones names turn red/ smokes effects. call it quarantine
  2. 500+ Hours Cartel and Turf Experience/or kavala gun toteing exp 16 years old or older 100k + gang ranks will be determined by how much money/vehicles/exp/howactive Working mic -Application- looking for someone to run discord also (If accepted, i will pm you for in game interview) In game name; Hours in Arma 3 : Age: Timezone: Previous Gangs: Why do you want to join : Do you know anyone? If so who?:
  3. i cant find it in my settings is there a console control
  4. now it’s just open, I was high. thanks for your concern.
  5. we will be bounty hunting, fighting cartels, running drugs, and having fun Just be laid back and enjoy the game owner-fastestmanalive Application In Game Name: Age: Money: Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?: Any previous Gangs: Hours on Arma:
  6. New gang looking for experienced players with prior gang expierence we will supply weapons pm me if Instested
  7. narcos is the shit and the office and trailer park boys are amazing XD illl have to check the other two out
  8. Well most everyone is in eclipse
  9. Idk it's gotta be a pretty close one
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