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  1. I'm fucked either way, I'm gone on the weekends, and I work a 9-5 with a 45min drive home. Sunday afternoons wouldn't be a bad idea.
  2. Sucks for 90% of the people that work 9-5 jobs
  3. When i comply and you shoot me anyways im getting you banned you weiner.
  4. Why dont the devs just hand out free money then. If you dont think cops should have to attend whats the point. Just drop a bag of money on the ground every 30 minutes for people to pick up. Asylum at its core is an RP server, its kind of in the description, its the reason you cant just walk up to someone and shoot them. If you dont like it i think you need to go play king of the hill and satisfy your cravings, or, go iniatiate (RP) with someone and kill them.
  5. You just made a load of people very happy.
  6. Thanks for the shoutout, we appreciate it!
  7. "Highly trained" and constable doesn't mix lol
  8. None of us will ever know because its none of our god damn business. Your saying he isn't transparent with how much money he makes has to be the most idiotic shit I've seen on here. And you wonder why???? Just to reinstate my previous point, because its no ones god damn business. Were talking about and Arma 3 community, a game. This isnt a fortune 500 company. Hes relying on ad revenue from the website and donations for upkeep. God forbid he keeps a few bucks. Do you think the devs are being held hostage or something? They are here because they enjoy the community and want to see it thrive. They could leave whenever the fuck they want.
  9. I may have over reacted lol
  10. *You're retarded Quick lesson for your simple mind, when you use "retard" like that, you are using it as a verb, which grammatically speaking makes zero sense and shows how intelligent you truly are. If your say for example "You're retarded" it is then being used as a noun which makes the comment informal and offensive. I presume that's what you were going for?
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