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  1. Discord is aot easier to maintain in my oppinion with the bots and customization with it.
  2. AGE: 23 InGame: Chris HOURS: 4k hrs https://gyazo.com/bd7b40080b3d7b9ca2aa0f210642dddd Who can vouch for you? Maybe house and spoon i dunno Previous Gangs: FSA, Badblood, Virute Why are you interested in joining Void? Looking for a cartel / chill gang
  3. I'm abit late but congrats @RoguePilot well deserved .
  4. Yea.... This doesn't make sense to me either. Why cant I have a bunch of vehicles it doesn't hurt anything
  5. The cops already get ifrit and everything else in the world. No need to add a buff for cops.
  6. PUT @Alec-Ivideos but not unban him waow
  7. Looking for 3 mil for the shed Dp5 house not sure Sofia house not sure
  8. Hope everyone has a good Easter
  9. show location and price
  10. looking for 3c show me where it is and price
  11. What settings do you play on?
  12. Zeus hatchback coming out soon
  13. Gotta talk to @Mitch (IFRIT)and maybe we can release my Greek god crate and become a designer
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