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  1. Denied good luck finding a gang
  2. First! Almost all of these items were made by @GO7NEY he worked hard on it! Enjoy!
  3. Thanks, I modified the font last second and didn't notice. Fixed now
  4. better quality https://i.gyazo.com/57661a1110facdafc3a97e9bd081ff04.mp4
  5. fixed it for you The ending to this
  6. Was we all know you still have debug and use scripts you sniping cheater
  7. Boon


    @Mason Heli crash in background is @sealooter
  8. Denied Good luck finding a gang!
  9. Can you advertise on the wiki thanks.
  10. Cleaning out some Old Houses Server 1 3 Crate - 220K - Listed 750K - OFFER 1 Crate - 40K - Listed 400K Server 2 1 Crate - 40K - Listed 850K | 550M from Meth Lab 1 Crate - 40K - Listed 825K | 600M from Meth Lab
  11. Can't have a mason POV without it ending in flames
  12. WTB S3 DP5 / Abdera 2 - 3 Crate
  13. You are right with that, at least give credit for the design and thought it took to make them work properly if you are gonna copy and paste them from ours.
  14. @•ÐŠ• Mason @Luke SwagWalker
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