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  1. In Game Name: CEO | Daddy Grizz Age: 21 Are you a member of the APD (rank): Ex-Corporal (Not Currently) Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?: RDM/Combat Logging, All reports have been discussed and bans were removed during each time. Reasons can range up to losing internet connection, or a misunderstanding/crossfire between civs on APD. My last ban was of 2018 for CL, which was removed by staff/LT. Any previous Gangs: Coke Boyz | [ASF] | Genesys | Other small to mid-sized gangs over the years Mic: Yes *Discord/TeamSpeak* Reason why I want to join?: I have assisted Drunk Squad members over the years here and there since 2017. Breaking them outta prison, helping them fight APD, helping them fight rebels every once in a while. I do know a few DS members might remember me for my skill/play style with PVP/RP. I'm looking for a serious gang to take cartels, make money, fuck with the APD, and drink some beer and get drunk! I'm like a merc, I've bounced from small gang to medium sized gangs and tired of the BS of going inactive or not doing anything. Give me 4-5 beers, let me buy a rifle, and give me a target to eliminate. Cash: 2.9 Million and Rising Quickly (I can afford my shit and others) Thank you for your consideration. https://imgur.com/a/cNgkDjK
  2. Im the Real GRIZZ! YOU JUST YEE'D YOUR LAST HAW This man is a Imposter! Only I charged -$1 Tickets here!
  3. wtf is this game... Will it allow me to increase my PP size?
  4. @ron the player *Bear Grylls*: As you see here, you can find a rare sight and occurrence of the species known as "Pussyious-hidous-in-da-houses", this species is known to frequent his home in Kavala and hide. He is only seen to exit his house unless someone is restrained near his house, he later takes them inside his home and attempts to consume them for nutrients... What this beast doesn't know is attempting to kill his prey with a p07 does not work, this phase is known as "Stupidious-Ron-is" it wont be until minutes later he realizes rubber bullets don't kill. After a few more minutes of failed attempts the prey will normally escape and shoot their predator... He was spotted on camera trying to steal small and pointless things in Kavala as our camera crew caught him taking the bait. This species is dying out... Please make a generous donation of a 7.62 round and help this poor beast end his suffering, for only 2x payments of 7.62 magazines a month we will send you a picture of a dead Ron...
  5. How would you know that? You hide in your Kava house 24/7
  6. TheUnknown4111

    Convoy Event

    Didn't I lethal you yesterday?
  7. TheUnknown4111

    Convoy Event

    Rebels had a hard enough time #APDProwlerUnit Wiped 2x armed 4WB's, 3x Armed Quilin, and we only had one gunner/driver with downing rounds/disabling tires only. "Rebels" I drove and out maneuvered minigun quilins... and Alex was wiping out Armed Vehicles like this...
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