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  1. You just dont want the FSA sitting at coke no more eh!
  2. You quote everyones opinion but not mine - Feels bad man
  3. GTA 5 RP Where does one go after the sizable update, well to be honest the title says it all. We all know Arma 3 and asylum has been a good run, but now's the time if the community doesn't act, there will be no community in the future, this is not asylum's fault this is totally bohemia's fault just because they are not brining more players to these servers and not only to their game. Asylum in its self has the potential to expand on its player base to GTA 5 RP, this being heavily supported by twitch streamers and not only the sheer amount of players that normally play GTA 5 and want to try out FIVEm servers The amount of donations rewards are held to a strict limit on arma 3 based on bohemia's ruling and code of conduct, i think personally that donating rewards can be more enticing to the player who would play not only the income the server would receive, and i tell you right now i would happily pay for in game rewards such as "custom phone numbers" "private plates" "personal and limited cars", having this flexibility will have players donating their spare penny's, especially for fresh and new content. whats the likely hood of people willing to switch, i was really hesitant on switching to a new server and game, but ill be honest after playing asylum for 6+ years and the first week i was very unsure about changing, and now after a couple weeks of playing a RP server i never felt like i have so much fun, brings me back when asylum has a player base of 4 servers. The expectation of GTA5, to be honest i was hoping that after an update on asylum would have brought more poeple playing but 6PM Saturday night and there is only 100 people on a 145 slot server, especially through summer where uni and colleges are finished for summer. when more people play on a server i can tell you right now that every encounter you have with another player is completely different and on GTA i personally find it more enjoyable when their is more people playing. Whats the likely hood that something will happen, very unlikely to be fair, no matter how many suggestions are posted not only the likes that they receive, its far too late to act, many post i have posted on asylum fourms the ideas them self get implemented way too late in them getting suggested. If a GTA 5 server would get released by asylum i can tell you right now that a good majority of people would switch over, not only the current player base on GTA 5 already, many players love to see a new server get launched not only are on the same level and start as everyone else. Yes im rambling on but i can guarantee you players will have a better experience on GTA than they would on arma, something fresh something new to enjoy, when you play something for 6+ years things tent to get boring no matter how many updates and removal of things would happen. Yes feel free to comment on this ramble but my opinion is mine, you can support it or fuck off.
  4. Smee


    1. Tony


      apparently he cant check ip's or maybe it annoys him when people use alecs name

  5. Recently i was encouraged to play GTA 5 RP from a close friend, And not going to lie the first week i played was weird since i hadn't played the game in years and really didnt want to change to a new game. But after the first week i was really into it and not going to lie after playing arma for so many years its has been the best fun i have had for a while, i know people are really use to this game and dont like change but i was in the same boat and didnt want to move from arma. Now my suggestion for the community or ideally is towards Mitch to change the direction of asylum since arma is just going down since bohemia is not really bringing players into the game which its not asylums or community's fault, lets be honest if the community and management want to do something right to protect its player base especially the EU player base which there really isnt any and to transition to a new game IE GTA 5 RP reason being that at the moment there is a large amount of streamers play not only a larger player count play GTA 5 RP/ FiveM. I would love asylum to create a FiveM roleplay server and i bet their is a large amount of people in the asylum community that would hop on the wagon and ride for a new journey, this could be a temporary accommodation or even a perm until something new can come to the asylum community. I know people would have their own opinion on this but lets be real here what is arma going to be in the next year or two compared to these GTA 5 RP servers. Comments and thoughts are appreciated.
  6. sometimes being patient waiting at Theresa is your best bet Well from experience.
  7. So you are approving then using any type of real estate to blow up vehicles is allowed along as it does not kill players ? there is a difference in shed and deer stand silly goose, wasn't mad just found it great to see something saucy that is allowed
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