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  1. players are allowed to use armour on each other but when a player hides behind the vehicle its such a lure to get a ban! just saying..... also rather annoying that you give us a rule that allows you to hit armour on armour then if a player hide behind the vehicle and you hit it then you are basically breaking a rule by hitting a vehicle that causes loss of life.... its either you remove armour on armour or you alter the rules back so i can ram armour on armour. dont give us a part of something give it all or dont give it at all!
  2. Smee

    Arma 3 FPS

    William still plays arma
  3. Smee


    The key to mitch's heart and that's "farming simulator 2015"
  4. hes on the servers like every other day mate, you just cant see him
  5. You might want to up your 3 mill budget to get one of those.
  6. @Alec-I paid promotion for FSM brought back ?????? ( A free get out of jail card )
  7. Why post other servers on an asylum forums ?????????????????????
  8. I suggested many ideas a good while ago, allot of them just got shrugged off the shoulder also with good ammount of likes
  9. @Mitch (IFRIT) open polls for players to vote content ?
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