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  1. Miles

    Real estate guide

    Nice and updated, thanks!
  2. Still looking to buy a house in Athira / Gravia
  3. Miles


    225k for the house
  4. whenever I see one of these topics made anywhere, the creator usually just does it to brag
  5. I'll do 250k. Possibly more depending on whatever is inside.
  6. If I remember correctly, I've responded to some of Aether's 911 calls in Sofia so I think he knows that already Anyways, welcome to the community man, hope to see you around again
  7. Originally I was going to include DP3 and DP5, but I want these houses more for the Athira location rather than scotch. Sorry.
  8. Fobi! I plan on doing this yeah, but made this in case someone wants to get rid of a house
  9. Looking to buy houses in Athira or Gravia. Server: Any server but prefer 3 and 4 Size: Must be a 3 crate house (prefer the 150k size) Location: Athira or Gravia. Leave your server, location, and price. Thanks!
  10. welcome to the island! Glad you're enjoying yourself
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