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  1. Miles

    Real estate guide

    Nice and updated, thanks!
  2. Still looking to buy a house in Athira / Gravia
  3. Miles


    225k for the house
  4. whenever I see one of these topics made anywhere, the creator usually just does it to brag
  5. I'll do 250k. Possibly more depending on whatever is inside.
  6. Miles

    Aether here...

    If I remember correctly, I've responded to some of Aether's 911 calls in Sofia so I think he knows that already Anyways, welcome to the community man, hope to see you around again
  7. Originally I was going to include DP3 and DP5, but I want these houses more for the Athira location rather than scotch. Sorry.
  8. Fobi! I plan on doing this yeah, but made this in case someone wants to get rid of a house
  9. Looking to buy houses in Athira or Gravia. Server: Any server but prefer 3 and 4 Size: Must be a 3 crate house (prefer the 150k size) Location: Athira or Gravia. Leave your server, location, and price. Thanks!
  10. welcome to the island! Glad you're enjoying yourself
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