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  1. @BlackShot representando! Parabéns asylum
  3. u r bad i pistol bang you all day csat boi
  4. @BlackShot Vai ter Banco hoje?

    1. BlackShot


      Acho que hoje não vai dar. :(

  5. @BlackShot @Morgan Lacerda Já ganhou! #Brasil HEXA 2018
  6. Im saying that with a better HQ spawn camping would be harder and not necessary to save someone.
  7. With a group cops get spawned camped. Is that supposed to be the best way? Wouldnt it be better if cops had a chance to survive a group attack without resorting to kamikaze tactics? 80% of the time the HQ in kavala gets attacked by an organized group they get snipped from castle until they leave kavala.
  8. Saving someone from a police hq should be a valid thing, but with cops just respawning behind you, its 10x more frustrating. Its not harder, its FRUSTRATING and NOT FUN.
  9. It would be a better and a fair fight if the HQ was less exposed and the cops had respawn timer. It is not a matter of having skills to kill the waves of cops, its the fact that does not make it fun. The fact that kavala hq is very easy to attack is bad thing. Yesturday, for example, my friend killed 4 cops in kavala hq with an SDAR. He wiped the entire HQ in 20 seconds. He grabbed me and started heading towards the gate to save me when a cop that was killed first spawned right behind him and downed him. Is that fair? where is the fun in that.
  10. Kavala HQ is where the issue is worse: cops are camped on all sides and have 30 seconds to respawn and die again. This is frustrating for the rebels trying to rescue their friends and the cops that keep on getting slaughtered. Make HQs >1km away from every city; like highway is to sofia. This way there will be less crap regarding spawn camping of the apd and cop spam, or make kavala hq surrounded by giant walls and add a respawn timer.
  11. Cops should have a much larger timer to respawn, this way they will value more their lives; not doing order No. 227-style warfare (endless waves of suiciders who use stupid and risky tactics to succeed). As well as crashing to redeploy, roleplaying not to get killed by rebels and everything else that is wrong with cops; this will make the game more fun to both cops and civilians. Edit: The only reason this would not be helpful is if there is little cops which is almost never the case; maybe the more cops, the bigger the respawn timer? @Gnashes @bamf
  12. Best Asian voice #2K17

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