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Looking for someone to show me the ropes

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Name: Aloe Vera

Age: 22

Game hours: Around 190

In-game bal: About 1 mill.

Discord: Madea#3846


I'm looking for a person(s) or a gang to teach me the ropes of how to work as a team to get cash on this server. I don't have a working knowledge of how cartels work, and would like to. Also interested in how federal reserve heists work, and bounty hunting. I'm a medic on the server, and use both teamspeak and discord. I'm not toxic unless you're mentally retarded or a dick.



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Hey, welcome! Not sure if you're aware but the community has a special wiki that you can consult whenever you want. Just click here. There you can check out guides related to bounty hunting and bank/fed. Those should give you an idea of how they work and what you need to do them. You can find me on Discord (BlackShot#7460) if you have any questions, I'll be glad to help!

Good luck starting off!

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