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  1. It was Asylum with old initiation rules where you could yell "You're dead" and kill people. However, this video just makes the guy look more like a pleb shooting naked civs
  2. This is more S3 APD with lethals in Kavala tbh
  3. See you Micheal, Better have some new roasts when you get back
  4. I saw a system like this implemented on another server I've played on. To obtain licenses you take a little 5-6 question quiz about server rules/in game laws.
  5. You burned yourself on a campfire to extinguish your sins
  6. Pretty sure majority of the money in gun stores goes to Arms just like Rebel purchases Corgi I love you Doesn't have to be now because I do agree with this statement
  7. Could be a 25% return if no money is made. Honestly It'd be a huge gamble depending on how active that town and the server is during the restart of your investment.
  8. I've seen the idea before where people want to buy and own their own shops, but what if instead, as a gang, you're able to invest in a specific shop? You would invest maybe 50-100k into a shop for a restart and then by the the end of restart you'd be able to "demand payment" from the NPC in the shop. Demanding payment would give you all the money that doesn't go to the Governor (depending on how profitable it is, it could be made into dirty money or normal money). You would only be able to invest in one shop per restart and you would be gambling the initial price of the store depending on the activity of the server in that specific town. Input?
  9. I wish I got the view from inside
  10. Wasn't me, I was on bank roof
  11. A lot of times you'll put your hands up and still get shot
  12. This reminds me of when I first joined the server a long time ago and didn't have a mic. Some guy framed me and was harassing the cops and the cops sent me to jail for it. This triggers me Why'd they charge him
  13. Institute some sort of prestige system for EMS like Police Medics. Remove Defibs, Blood Bags, & Splints from everyone except EMS and Police Medics. Only FAKs for normal civilians. (Makes lives more valuable for all factions and would lower amount of lethal force used by Police as well.) Higher Payouts per revive depending on distance, would work almost how delivery missions work. EMS would have to be sworn to save anyone and everyone they can. Civilians, Police, Rebels, and other EMTs. Institute Drag/Carry options on people who are unconscious. This would allow everyone to pull bodies into cover in combat situations since lives become more valuable