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  1. I don't see anything wrong with having some sort of RP event mixed in with all the combat events we are given. +1
  2. Damn you must have a slow PC, these pics are really old
  3. What house?
  4. We got him to sing us Don't Stop Believin and then another constable came and tried to save him and got downed, at which point we were going to have them duel and the other Constable tried to lethal us and then we demanded Chuck's hat and let him go because there was a bank
  5. Queue Matthew McConaughey humming in The Wolf of Wall Street
  6. @Psycosis @DankChester @Slade Wilson @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Subaru
  7. @bamf Most recent patch broke bounties. People aren't getting charged with Manslaughter, Second degree murder, etc
  8. @Abel Winchester @gijustin
  9. ^^
  10. A nice drive in an A-10 down the MSR. Better yet, why not drive an AC-130
  11. We got shot in the face lol
  12. You guys got a better police response
  13. "What game is this" - Most of the comments