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  1. Institute some sort of prestige system for EMS like Police Medics. Remove Defibs, Blood Bags, & Splints from everyone except EMS and Police Medics. Only FAKs for normal civilians. (Makes lives more valuable for all factions and would lower amount of lethal force used by Police as well.) Higher Payouts per revive depending on distance, would work almost how delivery missions work. EMS would have to be sworn to save anyone and everyone they can. Civilians, Police, Rebels, and other EMTs. Institute Drag/Carry options on people who are unconscious. This would allow everyone to pull bodies into cover in combat situations since lives become more valuable
  2. ur gonna get banned dude dats improper initiashun
  3. Sold
  4. Already have a few coke houses, Sorry man, no can do
  5. What is the house
  6. 1:28 How dare you nail Olivia @Patrick
  7. Server: 3 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 120k Location (Town/DP#): About 500m from center of ephedra field Asking Price: Offers Description: 120k long with 3 crates. Great for gathering ephedra & phosphorus Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  8. @Gnashes Police Dispatch Computer broken due to recent patch
  9. Same shit, different toilet. Temple, Church, Mosque, whatever. No one cares what your religion is, it's a game. It's just a new idea that may or may not have some benefit to the community. Yes, Yes I did. Changed entire topic since previous topic had already been suggested multiple times
  10. Honestly the weather back in the day was awesome, biggest problem was that it would fuck up my frames, but with 64 bit making my game run so smooth (aside from random mass kicks) I'd love to see weather back in the game.
  11. Killing the dreams man I shall completely change suggestion since this has been suggested
  12. If there were an NPC in a few scattered churches around the map, maybe have an option on the NPC to either donate to the church or pray. Prayer would have a little progress bar like a robbery but will go by at the speed of repairing car with a toolkit, donating would be just donating a specified amount of money. Benefits of church would be faster gathering of any material (or a specific material in the region of the church) to benefit people without gangs or people who want to be law abiding citizens. Benefit would last for maybe 60 minutes and would appear on screen like the parole timer but with a holy symbol of something.
  13. Movie maker is free and it's super basic so it's good to use if you're just starting out, if you become willing to pay for a program, I'd suggest Sony Vegas