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  1. A nice drive in an A-10 down the MSR. Better yet, why not drive an AC-130
  2. We got shot in the face lol
  3. You guys got a better police response
  4. "What game is this" - Most of the comments
  5. Welcome dude! Hope you enjoy it here!
  6. Just play the game. Do Cartels, Banks, Feds, Prisons. Play King of the Hill, Battle Royale, Wasteland, and other game modes (stick to weapons you can find in Asylum). The only way you're going to get better is from playing the game and experiencing different things.
  7. No idea man, It's not their priority, especially with the hacker that's fucking up the Arma servers right now
  8. I get raided every time I go offline Game is fun but losing shit anytime you leave sucks
  9. It's a little bit above what you wanted to spend but if you're willing to spend a little extra, it's a great monitor
  10. What problem?
  11. I like when you sit inside of a burning car and you're completely fine
  12. Maybe I'm thinking of something else? I remember having to convert something to a PBO
  13. There's a folder somewhere within your Arma 3 docs folder that'll have all the templates of recent servers you've been in. You have to convert the template into a PBO and put it inside the multiplayer missions folder which is inside your Arma 3 folder. Its a pain in the ass to do.