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  1. I like when I say what's up to someone and they say, "This" and shoot me in the face
  2. Sting is OP but not many people use it anymore
  3. Should add a prestige tree to medic exactly like cop medics have, and they can gain prestige the way cop medics do. It might not be as rewarding as money but at least they'll be working towards a goal while actually aiding the community. @bamf @Paratus Also +1 for medic sport hatchbacks
  4. It glitched really badly lol
  5. When pedos join the APD: Best Landing Ever: I didn't know the Rockettes were in town: Athira is the new Kavala: Weird Altis 2016: I can't parallel park but let me show you what I can do: It's party time! P-A-R-T-Y: PARTY: Lap Dance gone wrong: Breaking in those knee pads: Burn baby burn: Please vest us: Undercover as a street lamp:
  6. Not entirely sure what the kid's name was, but I believe it was James J Smith or something close to that. @NovalokHD and I got kidnapped by @Maxime and his friend and after they took my gear and let me go, I ran a few blocks away and asked a bounty hunter if I could borrow him MX & bandoleer. So the bounty hunter (James) lent me his MX and I was able to go back and save my buddy and capture the two Criminals. +100 to the bounty hunter who let me borrow his weapon.
  7. Technically it's RDM because it's farther than 300 meters but since it's only like 12 meters over, it's a close call. However, the video needs 5 minutes prior to the incident for them to take it into consideration
  8. That works. Just make sure you initiate by issuing an ultimatum.
  9. Say something like "Praise the glorious Sun God or be killed" or initiate as you normally would, kidnap them, take them to a secluded area and kill, barbecue, maim them in the name of the sun god.
  11. I now understand how Bama got downed at Chop Shop today, Thank You
  12. I tried that multiple times, guess I'm SOL until the sale is over.
  13. Anyone having problems with Steam lately? I've been having an issue with loading anything other than my games library. Anytime I try to load anything other than the games library it just gives me a black screen and a loading symbol but then never loads. It's been a problem for about a week now and I have yet to find a fix.
  14. That's a different issue that's been fixed already from what I've heard
  15. It's currently a pop-up that blocks you from doing anything just like a paying ticket message, when it should be a message in the middle of your screen that says something like "Press ____ to report to guard duty" just like the message when accepting a gang invite.