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  1. Yes I was in for 6 years active duty
  2. this is very interesting
  3. no your not
  4. nice job guys
  5. thank you all for your service I know you guys spent a lot of your time dealing with this stuff so thanks
  6. o7
  7. This would be very cool !!
  8. thanks BAMF!!
  9. Good afternoon I am here today to express my appreciation for Cadet J.Fett on Server 1 I just wanted to let you guys know what kinda of professional he truly is. He is very good at RP and is very respectful of the chain of command and is fantastic with the criminals he goes above and beyond the call of duty for what a cadet is excepted. I truly believe that this cadet should be awarded for his excellent service of taking his ride along early. I certainly believe that if you go above and beyond that you should be rewarded . Constable FaceRecka
  10. o7
  11. I am very glad we got to have a good RP experience. The rebels who took over Sophia was a challenging situation I was being pulled in every different direction on how to deal with this situation but I stuck to my hero values that I learned form Sgt Tanner's very intensive hero training. I knew I had to get those hostages back to safety that was priority number one so I stuck to my guns we had a successful outcome every one walked away from the situtaiton hostages were freed back to there families and my new found respect for the commanding officer J.Fett and his crew. Constable FaceRecka
  12. oh god this guy for president !
  13. Ah nice GSXR
  14. Ya i know the R6's are hot but i dont want to pay 10G's for a bike im lookin in the 5-8k range