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  1. Hao le la bu yao mei shi zao ca . Yao zao mafan jiu yao zi dao jie xia lai hui si semo mafan ci qui si zi ji
  2. Hello im back everyone chill relax ya its not healthy to make such post on community forum also embarrassing the brand of asylum. U guys not a first day knowing each other no point finding unnecessary issue ok chill ya
  3. 不要发现不必要的麻烦,因为归根结底是你自己在受苦> don't find unnecessary trouble cause at the end of the day it's you yourself suffering
  4. CoffeeTea

    New Mods

    u can bro but on other server not here (CHINA NO.1) why ashton not selected are u guys fucking blind or what
  5. its easy to get admin go build your own server and be your own admin or more easy way to managed yourself first
  6. Hi who ever reading this or concent. i would like to suggest that if Asylum can have a systum for new members that join the server can have a tutorial/quest to guide them on the game play or understand a bit of basic function attached a link for referance only (NOTE ITS MY GAME PLAY WITH OLYMPUS) just for learning i dont earn credit. tha video may be abit long so u may wan to skip bit by bit as i dont crop or trim the video. thanks
  7. i want to become ems


    1. CoffeeTea


      yo homie check out this link 



    2. CoffeeTea


      copy thr formet and edit your then go to this link and click start a new topic https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/157-apply-here/

      and post the below formet that u edit on to it

      In-game Name:

      Player ID:

      Date of Birth:

      Please link any previous AFD applications: 

      Do you have at least 8 civilian talent points?: Yes! Talent Point Click Here

      Have you read and do you understand the server rules found HERE: 

      Have you been a medic on any other server? If so, please explain: 

      Are you currently a member of the APD? If so, what rank?:

      Why do you want to join the AFD?:

  8. hi sir chill and relex let me find out what's going on and get back to u as soon as possiable 嗨,冷静,放松,让我看看发生了什么事,尽快给你回复 Join our Discord to send me a message if you have questions about my response, or if I made an error. https://discord.gg/PNW9Kez CoffeeTea#1869 Please leave honest feedback on this support request. It allows me to better serve you!
  9. I'm fine to start fresh with everyone but i would suggest remain the loot crate item for those that spend their money buying keys n win their item and remain the donation level as it was contribution to the server.
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