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  1. You skip, see you missed something good, rewind, play. Done
  2. Just skip through the video a bit to see if anything interesting happens
  3. "Guys I'm being yelled at by my gang mates for blowing them up" Highlight of the moment for me
  4. The AFD will join this fight and will be overdosing people on drugs since we do not own any kind of firearms
  5. I said it like that just so people would look it up
  6. The AFD has access to the M-900. MH-9. Mi-290 and WY-55. So in simpler terms... yes
  7. bruh I'm sitting in my chair with my feet up on my desk right next to my monitor stands. It's bad. and I wonder why I get back pain
  8. You'll have to report me I don't comp
  9. I can't even be angry about this
  10. No it's a random lag I get so often uploading a gif to the forums... but the actual gif itself on gyazo website runs smoothly. I don't get if I'm doing something wrong with it As you can tell I was pre occupied by a tractor that I was too busy to respond to you
  11. No it was doing that either way I posted it
  12. https://i.gyazo.com/79835a3c02a3a6a9919052a64c1188a2.gif why is this laggy...
  13. White listing bounty hunters... just go play cop then
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