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  1. I'm a hacker in asylum but dont tell the admins that.
  2. Damn. That makes me miss Tanoa and Stratis
  3. Finally! We are becoming a military police state!
  4. People pay their Taxes?
  5. Aslyum Park Rangers Important Notice: Attention citizens of Altis. The Asylum Police Department is taking to the streets for the real hard criminals. The criminals who disgrace this islands parks and water. Our mission is to hunt down every criminal that damages the island in a way that impacts the natural way of life and either make them pay or lock them up for the damage they have done. Crimes: Driving over bushes - 10k ticket, loss of licence, vehicle impounded Illegal fishing - 15k ticket Picking berries - 25k ticket Offroading - 55k ticket, loss of licence, vehicle impounded Chopping down trees - 30k ticket Owning an axe - 100k, straight to jail Planting Chicken Fences - Death Penalty Hunting - 50k ticket Parking Vehicle in Water - 100k straight to jail You have been warned, we are on the streets looking for you criminals and will get you. Park Rangers: Ranger 1 - Leady - Command Ranger 2 - Jbdragon - Command Ranger 3 - Bread - Radio operations Ranger 69 - Blake - Wheelchair Patrol Interested in helping out the Ranger Patrol? You know what to do Any other Ranger’s left out of the roster list. I forgot what your guy’s numbers were
  6. We uh... got in an air pursuit... some weird humming birds were shooting at things in the salt flats....
  7. Wait is this post for the prison you guys did right after the event with like 15 minutes left on server time?
  8. Wait I haven't announced our Elite APD Division yet
  9. Thank you, I almost put it in the dirt a few times
  10. When we determined there was no fugitive in prison. Why defend it? Who you busting out? (Captains orders) I want my humming bird back that was stupid I didn't even get a chance to evade
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