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  1. that "No Idea" thing you put, use to be a spawn town. It also bothers me how 2 windmills aren't facing the same direction. Why is there a water tower on top of the bank?
  2. I miss the days on Startis.
  3. Diary of Bread in quarantine. Day 1: I was happy to get to stay home instead of work and play on my computer all day, like the good ol days. But then I went to make food to eat and realized something... I should have gone grocery shopping...
  4. Im working mandatory over time, most of my days off are canceled. My best friend had his other job closed down and got put on the ambulance with me. We have tight quarantine protocols in place. Anyone who even has a fever and a cough we place masks over their face and we wear SCBAs on medical calls now for those calls. The public wants to keep entering our station with questions for us and we have to tell them to step back away from the front door. We wont speak to them inside. Been trying to get cleaning supplies so our trucks can keep rolling as call volume has increased a lot. A few stores in town when they get supplies in from their trucks hide some of the things in back so we can stay stocked with things like toilet paper and hand soap. A neighboring fire department lost a member to cancer recently and as we were putting on our dress blues to go to the funeral the Governor made an announcement live for no gatherings more than 10 so noone really attended the funeral. I walk into people's houses and they look at me with angry looks when I ask them new protocol questions about Covid-19. But it is funny usually we stage and wait for pd to secure the scene. Now it's they stage and wait for us. I guess TL;DR. Im tired of this shit already. My application to another fire department got put on hold Edit in: my buddy and I been playing the fuck out of the division games cause we think its ironic
  5. No I will shoot you again
  6. That and we aren't kidnapped or randomly shot in the back of the head every time we set foot in a town
  7. Sitting here trying to decide whether or not that's considered VDM
  8. +1 Hate only getting like a few bucks for seizing it off the ground/ ending the fight early
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