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  1. Pilot helmets are accessible to A-EMTs who have access also to a different selection of helicopters (the MH-9 hummingbird)
  2. You call, I haul. https://i.gyazo.com/221b6c8b2dd27341e0e218f0c45ffbd4.mp4
  3. I have an agreement with the Captains that you guys will get lethaled and my medics will get paid
  4. Are you trying to run Meth in a Taru Cargo? Damn... Good luck. But +1 I kinda like that idea
  5. You had access to pilot helmets
  6. I really wish I did not click on this
  7. Holy crap the old ass Cadet uniform
  8. Bread


    Well fuck
  9. I got a police vest last time I was on civ cause I was telling a story how I'm too afraid to leave my house living in the Kavala area
  10. Bread


    I'm curious who all here goes fishing as well. What do you guys use? what do you like fishing for? What's your weirdest story while fishing? Howd you get into fishing? When I was a kid my dad taught me to fish during boy scouts, I caught my first fish. It was a blue gill. Many years later my dad doesn't go fishing anymore. I bought a cheap pole from walmart after finding my old tackle kit and will go fish where I can. I've only ever caught blue gill sadly. My friends will pull out bass and carp left and right but I end up with my usual blue gill. I found a pond one day at work one day and talked to the owner if i could fish there. I've been told theres bass in there so hopefully I can snag one this year. Edit: I actually did catch a rainbow trout last year but I don't have trout stamps so I had to release it
  11. Is this to vehicles you've owned or stolen?
  12. that "No Idea" thing you put, use to be a spawn town. It also bothers me how 2 windmills aren't facing the same direction. Why is there a water tower on top of the bank?
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