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  1. We all need to just go outside for a change...
  2. This warmed my heart.
  3. Okay so my gang and I decided to start on server 4. At first it was okay but as the day goes on you cant stay on for more then 5 minutes without battle-eye kicking you. What's even worse is that after each kick the next one will come sooner than the last. I understand Battle-eye is bad but other servers don't kick as much as server 4, also server 4 is great in the morning but that greatness dies about after 4 or 5 pm. We've considered switching servers but we stocked our gang house already and moving everything would be a pretty big pain. Is there any news about this? Will there be a patch coming to fix this or will I just have to move everything? Thanks <3
  4. Redbull goodluck. If you wanna play something let me know!!!!!!
  5. No cadet is that good. HACKERS RUIN THIS GAME!!!!!! <3
  6. I never played on nopixel before...
  7. Okay, so I came up with the idea of grow houses. Basically in these houses you can grow your own opium and weed. Maybe a drug lab that can be put into the houses as an add on? Just get Weed and opium seeds and you can grow some plants.
  8. Has anyone else been stranded before with nobody around? Then you're forced to run to the closest town. You could call the police but everytime I've tried only one cop responded. I guess I'm stranded to much but having garages at Checkpoints will make life easier. Plus if you look at it from a map perspective it makes perfect sense. It evenly distributes vechical access across the map.