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  1. @bamf If I still played that Trans Am skin would be the tits for the NomaK Mobile
  2. @lenniethelegend I wasn't being salty. I was just like wtf, you weren't listening. Nah it was an example, same concept if you watch fatality from quake or forest from csgo or seagull from Overwatch etc they spend hours of there lives practising the same shot from the same angle until they get it right infact Missharvey it gr8 at systematically aiming at the same places.
  3. @badger Nope, sorry
  4. *face palm* This guys obviously more autistic than me so let me break it down so even the autistic can understand. "3 guys with 1 bullet" translated = 3 guys separately killed with one bullet. "crosshair placement" translated = scope, crosshair, fucking dildo, whatever the fuck you use to aim with. Derp a derp a derply derp a derp @LennieTheLegend is a stapler(translated = dumb ass)............... @badger Just don't play asylum nemore
  5. Take care Boris, Keep in touch. I had serious mental health issues, it's not easy!. Hope you recover soon and take it easy man. p.s. I still have mental health issues but in a good way
  6. I just got into it. Those all ships yeah?
  7. yeah been keeping tabs on it. Cant wait for 3.0
  8. @Gnashes ............................................. Boris sold one of my sheds cause the mod even told him and I quote "no point in keeping that shed because NomaK will be getting it back"
  9. @bigjohn561 @Gnashes No they haven't been owned by someone else for over 2 months now I have the dates and evidence just incase this was going to happen so I would like them back. And no I ain't in the market for a new shed because I'm entitled to get my old ones back because it wasn't a player error, this was a development error. That being said if I don't get my sheds back then I ain't interested. I'm taking screenshots of this also so the response lines up. There was at least at the most 18 days left.
  10. @bamf @Paratus Do you know how progress is coming with the housing bug were people are randomly losing there housing? So I can get my sheds back and start playing again A.S.A.P
  11. ROFL and for Gnashes next trick, watch him eat flour and shit cupcakes with cherrys ontop ta da
  12. First. Phew that was close
  13. P.s. also the logs got wiped