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  1. look at u still commenting on online post trying to make your self feel good but in reality you still look like Kermit the frog
  2. nah i barley get on my pc anymore games dead
  3. guessing the game died so here is this shitty ass tage that will never be finished by a shitty player who uses 1000x zoom
  4. if you ever need a carry i got you https://gyazo.com/fe01b957a9f601cc385c6d7ba2292807
  5. aye jake you see @BadBunny looking at your app but won't add u on snap yikessssss
  6. what the fuck is this song i thought i fucking went back to my varsity freshman year football work outs ...................
  7. Dear asylum this is what you are causing in a house hold just unban the man
  8. what would happen if u spoke to your father like that
  9. he also has to post it on the forums
  10. I say let the kid crack a egg over his head and throw flour on his self and then give him a unban and wipe
  11. Your a fucking beta i thought i showed you how to be a fucking alpha smh
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