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    Changing the weather
  1. The MK200 Clip was nuts.
  2. I assume there's no way to change the volume or intensity of the rain?
  3. To spice things up you guys should let the weather change instead of keeping it the same all the time. Storms and such would be a cool aspect to cartels.
  4. It's pretty vital to the scenario as you can listen to barnes talk about running away. No one forced you to watch me repair the car.
  5. The ifrit launching was an enjoyable part of the clip.
  6. Yeah that's why it's feelsbadman and not feelsgoodman
  7. Appreciated.
  8. Unfortunately no, literally don't know where my restraints went or why I had a PO7.
  9. I didn't have restraints or a lethal pistol. And barnes did not end up shooting them no.
  10. OSRS is the shit.
  11. Then add some extra requirement to craft Hunters for Bounty hunters? Maybe the requirement to own panagia or something?
  12. Why can't I craft hunters :|. It costs too much to buy Hunters when you craft Ifrits for 40k