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  5. Or light red/pink or whatever.
  6. This is false, it is 166k honor at around a rate of 1/20th the bounty as honor. You can't fill out both of them at the same time. it is 166k per tree filled, and you have to pick 1 unless you respec honor.
  7. Just so you're aware, the different tracers are what the server looks at when checking for downing or lethals. Some guns do not have different colored tracer rounds, which is why I believe the ZUBR is out of question.
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  9. Becoming maxed requires a total of 166k honor. That is a lot. I am 60k away with 140 arrests. Being top deserves some sort of reward. Wether it be a cosmetic for hunter, or an MXM. Maybe even the ability to buy carrier lites? Having an MXM seems like a fair reward for the amount of hours and time it takes. The bonus to cops is cheaper gear, and you always have people to play with. The bounty hunters should get something to encourage bounty hunting instead of being a cop.
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  11. Didn't really think about that lmao. Good call. Just some form of title.
  12. You should get bounty hunter titles for achieving maxed out honor for the 2 bounty hunter classes. Like a dark colored predator title for maxing that out, and a reddish title for Crusader. EDIT: Any form/color of a title would be nice, just as a reward as of right now, there should just be more incentives to bounty hunt this long.
  13. You don't even play 3 anymore fucker
  14. Ill bid 600k on church
  15. Selling 3 pyrgos, north one is 220k with ATM attached, south one is 150k behind DMV and the eastern one is 70k behind gunstore. Make me offers, server 3.