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  1. Why the fuck does he have Motion Blur on
  2. You can't appeal perm bans. I have 2 perm banned accounts
  3. "gold nova" sad..
  4. Honestly league is shit now anyway.
  5. Not the best but not a default
  6. Need people to play Fortnite with, squads or duos idc
  7. 1. I almost always have rodo 2. It's close to skip 3. Because I enjoy having more money than you or your gang.
  8. I voted
  9. Please make Oil Cartel start giving rubber instead of money again. Thank you.
  10. Offer me
  11. Could of bought my house but you let Xehons control your life
  12. bumppppp
  13. bump
  14. I have a skiptracer shed for sale, 500k at mineral processing
  15. I'ma list it, go buy it whenever