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  1. If the RP is good then they will usually give it. Or some of it Put your negotiation skills to use and do not be mean about it or they're never going to give you anything. Lol Most of the time I'm kidnapped they demand it and that's not how it works with me.
  2. Depends on the officer and how they feel.
  3. I'll catch you James!
  4. Nope! He's priceless!
  5. My James is not for sale!
  6. Me either hahaha
  7. already found some plebs over there using a vehicle to exploit through the wall lol
  8. Unauthorized parking. 50% increase @Ron Johnson
  9. James and I looked at each other and threw lethal mags in
  10. AGAIN! Let's plan a date and do it bigger! Who knows maybe the pain-train will make a guest appearance? @Painbringa112
  11. Hahaha good times!
  12. HEY NOW