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  1. When you try to combat store an ifrit.
  2. If only arma played like this... lol
  3. kidnapping a medic is roleplay?
  4. Nope. If you tell someone hands up and they do anything other than that (for instance I turned to look at them) you can immediately shoot them. Would not have been rdm
  5. Lmao shut the hell up fudger
  6. 2 mks and they had another friend that's not in the video that killed me right after with an mk1
  7. Let's talk when I get off work. Interested!
  8. Must be a 3 crate house, no exceptions. Must include asking price and map screenshot.
  9. Sold plz lock @Jaeger
  10. Thanks!
  11. 341k
  12. Bump