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  1. Thanks!
  2. 341k
  3. Bump
  4. Garage is for sale because I recently sold the house next to it (see map). Bump! Is listed for 300k to the housing market.
  5. Why do you care?
  6. o.0
  7. You can't drive an illegal vehicle even if your undercover. You're still an officer of the law.
  8. Probably true
  9. 50% increase if you tell me this Think of the kids!
  10. Haha poor @DS_Billy was there longer than he asked to be
  11. On P4 we go hard or go home! He obviously wanted to fight and not escape. Best Precinct in the APD!!! @James.Anderson Cool story, bud! Yeah buddy!!! Need more fights like this where they don't just run and run and run in ifrits hahaha
  12. 10-4. Can't tell you enough how happy the community is that you're dev!!!