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  1. Hey guys, I am a firm viewer of this forum thread and find lots of my music here. I wanted to contribute to the list and introduce some of you guys to my friend Davin Kingston. We went to high school together and he is an amazing musician who is currently studying at Berkeley College of Music in Boston Massachusetts. He has recently released two singles off his next album! Although he already has a finished Album on all streaming sites (including many more of my high school friends). Feel free to check out his new Single released this morning; Aphrodite; available on all streaming sites! https://song.link/aphrodite Or simply watch it in the embedded YouTube link below! If you liked that song, feel free to also check out his other single released last month; Can This Morning Never End; available on all streaming sites! https://song.link/ctmne Or simply watch it using the embedded YouTube link below! Let me know what you guys think! Also if you're feeling spicy, give his first album a listen as well!
  2. some emo bass (de-tuned string bass) needed to come in at the drop at 0:28
  3. Ron Johnson

    Barley Buyer

    I'll sell it on server 2.
  4. when you "aim" ... yeah im sorry but no
  5. ok but for real, good ideas non-the-less
  6. Ron Johnson

    V2 feedback

    Glad you got around complaining and realized that
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