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  1. My last post was very rude and unhealthy for everyone. I just wanted to say goodbye to you all as I'm leaving asylum to play my roblox server (hmu if you want link) but asylum was fun while it lasted but gang life died so when it starts up again I'll be playing again. Goodbye loves. Temper, envy, fsa still some ass though. Especially Winchester (bot).
  2. Bro you're hating on me like chill let me enjoy my retirement
  3. Im not talking shit, i just said the reasons why i'm leaving asylum
  4. Oh btw i also do mouse pad signings so hmu for those. They're proven to make you god tier like me.
  5. If i recorded me wiping them they would quit i wouldnt want that since im leaving dont need asylum to die, you feel?
  6. What gang im solo homie
  7. I wipe those nerds with katiba dont join them join independent slayers thats where the pvps at
  8. What gang you applying to?
  9. Goodbye bro. Hope to cya in the future.
  10. Bro im not going to restart my roblox server but if you want the link https://www.roblox.com/games/1600503/Apocalypse-Rising?privateServerLinkCode=QUwyJUbVXY4ql4ZE397Ol5u5Lr3oVgsd
  11. Bro I try not to think about stuff like that. chill
  12. Get back to your corner pus boy
  13. Same bro! You do you brother!
  14. https://www.roblox.com/games/1600503/Apocalypse-Rising?privateServerLinkCode=QUwyJUbVXY4ql4ZE397Ol5u5Lr3oVgsd I gotchu
  15. You're acting like you're better then me wanna throw down bitch? I got shooters In my squad.