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  1. Pretty sure ur hobby is being a forum nazi
  2. Someone fuck me pls!!
  3. you dont change ur name 10 times a week
  4. thero will eat ur fat small cock
  5. make it fun for the 10 people that play, sure.
  6. i think the flare gun is a great addition to the game and is at the top 3 best weapons tbh
  7. except paratus is inactive af
  8. another montage released by a hacker!!! -manolo
  9. 1k kavala shots, my favourite
  10. hi

    i will gobble on ur cock
  11. hi

    hi @Mitch (IFRIT)
  12. Nah you didn't fuck off : )
  13. camo
  14. I heard @Lorax is a good graphics designer
  15. nice shot montage