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  1. Just blacklisted from comp
  2. 25 orca's 3 hummingbird's 1 mohawk later i have been caught the great comp scandal has came to a end.
  3. Same as aidzo's then i guess.
  4. Which one is debatable? None from what i can tell all guilty
  5. Poor lad is he back yet? or is his router still smoking? i feel bad for him Tom got hit off in our fight aswell..
  6. what about this one?
  7. On asylum now you can tell people to go die of cancer and to rope them self but cant tell a Chinese person he is a chink otherwise you get banned?
  8. Absolute muppet of a boy.. You are no longer welcome to Derank with the boys after that comment
  9. you have changed... The old derek would of known to come in TS and ill have a link ready for you!
  10. Wrong forums kid.
  11. @bamf @Gnashes @Rodrigo Btw Remove my mod que please big thanks.
  12. How have i only just seen this?? This is fucking gold i cant stop laughing
  13. you are so fucking stupid