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  1. Any of you DS members selling your s4 houses??? message me
  2. bastard

  3. yea
  4. nice signature! but only 3? you need to catch up bud
  5. Remove this thread for the sake of the community thanks.
  6. Rodrigo owns it
  7. Sounds like im getting Envy to log on cop for a few hours Thanks boys
  8. You run out of mags after 4-5 waves?? you either got 3 and a half fingers and a lazy eye (that's my bet) or you only buy like 8 mags?
  9. Please don't make another montage you are fucking awful. and take the ending out ffs you are never getting banned for 3rd party apps you don't have 3 fingers by the looks of this montage
  10. Not bad 2 of the 5 selected are not complete fucking morons @Boris(cadet Haunt) @Cukofuko well deserved!
  11. The welsh cakes are brain food!
  12. The mechanics are not the problem the location is put it back to pyrgos island and you are good!
  13. First and final montage i hope! that was fucking awful.
  14. forget the vest look at that scope...
  15. get to bed it is late for you!