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  1. loving the new car noliver instead of cooking shows, lets see you streaming its upgrades
  2. Jesus Christ I watched it and saw a solid 15 seconds of a fucking slideshow
  3. Your comments are comedy gold Mitch! You're a great joke teller, have you considered stand up?
  4. i quit vaping and its nice not blowing money on juice and pods anymore
  5. off my thread come back here again we'll fight recurtard
  6. haha! quality content chow mein! haha!
  7. can i join i think im pretty good tbh
  8. vedalkennnnnn


    Yeah I am, I'm about to go hard today
  9. @Walt @Mason Statham @Energy @Mycri Goodbye Boys, it's been a good run till we meet again o7
  10. About what exactly? A Pedophile and his Fat Little Mongoloid are dancing around thinking they're insane cause someone they thought was cheating turned out to be cheating. I laugh picturing it. time to kill myself
  11. haha imagine keeping that because you're fuming you got killed keep being friends with Pedophile Pizza Boy and have a good day bud
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