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  1. Who gives a flying fuck. Either you read it or you don't. NEXT!
  2. It all started in 2015 when I just discovered "PC Gaming." In my office room rested a PC from 2008 that I only used for Google or rarely used at all. I generally played games on my PS4; games such as Dirt, GTAV, Battlefield, and Fifa. Then one day I wanted something different, I wanted to see what games were like on the PC. Mind the fact, I was drawn away from PC gaming due to the fact of the complicated/different control setup for different games. All games had different keys to use practically. Don't get me wrong, I played Sims 4 and RCT on PC, but I never went beyond that until the year of 2015 when I first came across Arma 3. I bought the game and downloaded it, I was really confused and awe struck at first due to the massive scale and endless possibilities Arma had stored behind closed and open doors. Even though I ran the game on low settings and 25fps I had a blast figuring out the controls alone. It was something new, gaming felt different with Arma. I played single player for a bit to get the jist of things. After that, I took it to multi-player choosing a milsim server to play on first. I actually had no idea what I was doing on the server browser, I just picked a well populated sever and in 2015 Arma had plenty of well populated milsim servers vs now in 2018 where they are practically obsolete. Anyways, I played on a milsim server for about an hour until I realized I really needed to get a headset and download something called teamspeak. I didn't want to do that just yet, I wanted to play something other than single player Arma. So I found this server, "Asylum life." Oh boy, I was so fucking confused and intrigued with Kavala at first. I knew I hit the jackpot, I knew I hit the ultimate pc gaming experience. So I continued. I was a noob though, within that day I was banned for VDM. A permanent ban at that. So with my lack of knowledge for Asylum/PCs community. I didn't once think to search a forum up and talk about things with an Admin yadda yadda long story short. So I went back to playing Milsim servers that demanded lots of mods my pc could not handle at the time. 5-8 fps is unplayable. I knew I needed a new PC. I knew I needed a gaming PC at that. So for 3 months I watched a crap ton of YouTube videos about how to build a PC and also got the grips of how the PC community works and understood how teamwork/communication plays a big role into actually playing PC games, where however, on PS4 and xbox communication and teamwork mean absolute shit. Hell, before Arma I figured people just didn't talk online like they use to when I played on the Xbox 360. That wasn't the case and I now understood that. Like I was saying, I watched all those videos and then fell into the temptation of building my own PC in early 2016. Specs: 1070FTW Edition - i76700k - Asus MAXIMUS Hero 5 I believe - 16gb corsair vengeance ram. This was perfect for Arma. I could now run the game with Ultra settings easily 75fps online with dips of course into the low 30fps due to Arma's 32bit version at the time. So, I went back to Asylum almost 8 months later to play again. Only to be greeted with a permanent ban message. So, I actually took it to the forums this time and ended up getting the ban lifted. I had good times in Arma Asylum life in 2016, little to no knowledge on how the sever truly worked and it felt like a gaming experience like no other. I made money selling weed and coke. Loved the fact everything was roleplayed so much. Soon after I got into excavating in Sofia and made most my money that way. Lastly, I started and ended with doing Drug runner because I would make 20-30k every 5-7 mins. So, I join a gang and that was my way of supporting my gang and making my own money. Then applied to be a cop, twice. Got rejected due to the sole fact of not playing the game 7 days consecutively. So I tried to play 7 days in a row, but never could maintain after 4 days. Would miss one day and it would reset practically. At this point I gave up on becoming a cop and went to play "UnSung" servers. Had an amazing time there for a good 6 months. Came back to Asylum after that and the rules changed. It went by talent points rather than days played in order to become a cop. So I jumped on that opportunity. I got in, I was now a cop. As a cop I met tons of great people listed here @MASTA_B @BigBellyWhiteMan, Yuseng(sorry if I spelled it wrong, @BushWookie, @Reapered(my favorite fucking admin right here boys) and a shit ton of other people who I can't tag like Kenny, Bunny, Metal, Steve, Paul, and others I can't remember names of right now. You all taught me something, each and everyone of you I had great times and talks with. Especially @MASTA_B and @BigBellyWhiteMan. You two were my right hand men. My time has come for Arma I believe. It was a long but sweet journey because I learned so much from Arma with modding, controls, and community. I honestly feel like Arma will literally be a game I will remember for life as well for the community. That even includes the toxic individuals. What an experience of a game Arma was. With a total of 2,200 hours in Arma I can declare that is the most hours I have ever put into a game or will ever put into a game. That's 92 days I played Arma. 92 days of my life. A full 24 hours for each 92 days. 2,200 divided by 24 ='s 91.6 rounded to 92. Quick maths. I never planned on leaving a goodbye, never thought I would have to or want to. In the end, all good things come to an end at some point. Arma's player base is disappearing rapidly and suddenly. The proof is within the stats from 2016 vs. 2018. Arma 3 will forever hold a place in our hearts and I know there's the community that'll keep Arma 3 strong until the last drip. May we wish to see another installment of Arma in the future or may we wish to see another community with one such as Arma's. Regardless, if that never comes; at least we can always hold onto the sweet memory of a game that Arma was and never forget the laughter and anger we all shared from temptation of wanting to rob that innocent guy excavating to the frustration from being that innocent guy getting robbed or caught by the APD. We all shared the same experience and we all created gaming memorys we will never forget. This is to you guys, all you Kavala rats, all you outright gang bangers, uptight higher up seeking ass roleplayers, betraying ass wipes, and anyone else who ever played Asylum life! So thank you all! Thank you all for turning a game into something much more. Farewell everyone, a long journey it was but a sweet one at that. Sincerely, Soap.
  3. What the armageddon is going on? Currently working and sounds like things are taking a shit.
  4. *Tip* I use D pad so I can move the camera while flying. I also use left analog for speed brake and the right analog to maneuver the plane/heli. LB and are RB should be used for left and right turn pitch. If you need help later setting it up just DM me and I'll get on and help you when I get home.
  5. All I did was set up a ps4 controller. Flying became a breeze after that; it feels like GTA flying, just a tad bit more complex.
  6. I agree, but keep in mind you don't need to process anything so you can sell it directly to the jewelry store and cash out. I also drug run. Drug runner is the best if you can fly. I generally get 160 or more an hour with no interruptions.
  7. Is everyone forgetting about excavating? 1 hemmt run and you got 130k if you drop silver and take the oil.
  8. Maybe you should learn a little from your own retardation. Treatment can help you, but your retardation can't be cured.
  9. The post was meant to be idiotic you naive mf'er.
  10. 0 followers, 0 friends, 0 restrictions. I feel alone on these forums. I feel like a fish outta wata. I really also need to get in bed so I can be a slave tomorrow and make the government a good penny. Ya'll keep it real now. Think I'm gonna fall asleep to some good ol' Reno 9/11.... That's the problem with these youngsters now-a-days, they didn't grow up watching Reno 9/11; so now they won't go to college, get a good job, or amount to anything. Rant over. Sleep good. -Soap out.
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