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  1. Guess I forgot about that part, you're right though. Suggestion closed.
  2. Okay so I understand the problem with barley being legal is that if a vehicle is at alcohol distillery and has all the ingredients to make scotch but has no scotch they cannot be charged. I think instead of making barley illegal this can be handed the same way as we treat banks and federal reserves. SO instead of just barley being illegal, make the combo of barley yeast and water illegal similar to the "Conspiring to Rob Bank" charge except they would be charged Possession of Scotch instead of placing a law on an ingredient that should be legal. What do you all think? Let me know.
  3. Sucks you had to find that out after spending 4.5 mil on one
  4. @Bag Of Funyuns I really want this house so if noone is really offering later we can negotiate
  5. honestly though it doesn't make sense even if its making 1 of the ingredients for scotch illegal
  6. 2.2mil Final Offer
  7. I'll be on later today if you accept my offer.
  8. 1.55 million. $1,550,000
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