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  1. Bump, Listed for 300k on Market
  2. 420k for both final offer
  3. I didnt mean to hit the EMR hahahahaha
  4. https://youtu.be/yaGZvUgnTUw 0.25 speed lol
  5. Following up on Marzohs question
  6. i dont know if this is a meme idk about but the answer is no i was just trolling hell yeah merica i tried my best to simulate a driveby without a gun on my vehicle same yes if adhd is on the spectrum i am autism thanks i think
  7. I was really bored and decided to head to a planned meetup I saw in the sidechat. I initiated he initiated and i pulled up and sprayed them. Afterwards I killed GodX13's friend "Im Black" and they downed me cried about comp and the 5 minute initiation timer. Just wanted to leave this video here forever. Enjoy this clean drive by shooting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyLga23T6Qw&feature=youtu.be now in 1080p 60fps
  8. We make money and take down anyone who gets in our way. Requirements: Age: 18+ few exceptions Must know how to initiate Knowledge of Turfs and Cartels Preferred Must be self sufficient to rank up in gang Noobs welcome, I pay my gang members for missions Must join discord. Friends welcome to join as well. Message me as soon as you join the server if you're interested in joining or being added to friends role. Application: In Game Name: Hours in Arma: Age: Past Gangs: Money: Roster: Gang Leader: Caleb 2
  9. Spawn Athira, get car go to air shop, pull box truck. Easy
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