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  1. When will the tyranny end... To protect and serve? Who is he protecting and serving by killing two HEROIC APD officers in cold blood? Half Drunk is a HERO for stopping this mad man in his act of violence and then receives punishment for doing so. This is a misjustice that I for one will not stand for. We DEMAND action or there will be violence, there will be protests, and there will be retribution. #JusticeForHalfDrunk #TouchGrassGate #Remove Bbgreg
  2. Sorry, but I can't let you get away with this..... You say it's 8 vs 17 but your screenshot of the group doesn't involve Fire Chief Kraken, which can be seen in the map screenshot and also you admitted to his involvement. If you're willing to let it slip that there were actually 9 of you and the title of this post was a lie, then what else were you hiding? Who else were you hiding? Perhaps another 8 more people? I think we're going to need to see the video now buddy.
  3. I was denied from Plague if you remember correctly. https://gyazo.com/b5003411ddbaa4d32e416dd7d57a319e
  4. In-Game Name: Justin (He/They) Age: 27 Are you a member of the APD (rank): Constable Have you been banned from Asylum? If so how long and what for?: Never. I abide by the rules of the server and am an upstanding citizen. Any previous Gangs: Imperium and random gangs with friends
  5. I mostly play Medic these days as I enjoy just hanging out with everyone in the cities and talking to people. Obviously while doing this I see people come through Athira, Pyrgos, Kavala and just "hands up or die" everyone they see. Obviously a lot of the more experienced players stay out of major cities so it's mainly new players trying to start out and when they get killed like that it makes them not want to continue on the server. My perspective comes from watching it happen and the only reason is so they can stack their bounties. I get that killing everyone you see may be fun for some people, but the reason it's done so often is because there's really no repercussions to it as long as they're not RDMing. With increased fines / jail time it may prevent these situations from happening as often. I'm all for giving new players extra assistance as well though. 1. This sounds like a development issue. Maybe they can change the way the jailing system works to where it counts down wether or not you're logged in on a different faction or offline. 2. 15 minutes is still nothing in comparison to the amount of time / illegal activities it takes you to get a 100k bounty. 3. I apologize that your pint up aggression has left you in-able to have civilized conversations without demeaning others. Maybe you should take a break and not let your feelings type for you. Also, I play medic mostly and my loadout is 3k lol
  6. It would be interesting to hear some neutral suggestions on how to solve the problem. I'm not sure everything that can be done to resolve the issue but there are ways to that people might be more open to. There's two other factions than civ. If you get sent to jail for an extended period go play another faction, or better yet have your gang mates do a prison break. This seems more of you being upset you might actually have to face consequences for your actions rather than it being a bad idea.
  7. I've been on this server since 2014. I've had $1,000,000 bounties and spent 4+ hours in jail at a time. When I get a bounty now I just think it's ridiculous I only have to spend that amount of time in jail to then go out and do the exact same thing over again and paying a ticket above the cost of my loadout isn't worth it since I can get out of jail in 6 minutes. I'm suggesting something to change that mindset because there should be stronger repercussions to having a high bounty.
  8. I think what you're forgetting most is this is a Roleplay server. You want heavy PVP with no consequences? go play wastelands. This suggestion in no way says you can't do cartels, people did cartels back in the day with no problems. If by inconvenience you mean having the chance to be sent to jail for again a maximum of 28 minutes, reduced to 6 minutes if you press plates, that is not a large enough consequence for what players are doing to get 100k+ bounties. I think this is a good suggestion too. Maybe if a player goes to jail they also are "fined" a certain amount for their crimes.
  9. I get what you're saying and I'm also not saying people shouldn't be able to kill others. My post is simply pointing out that there's no repercussions to being a menace to others on the server. Anyone who can look at this from a middle ground standpoint would agree that 6 minutes in jail is hardly a punishment for anyone who has 100k+ bounties. Again, if you get on the server to kill others and inconvenience them by making them lose all of their progress then you should also be inconvenienced by having to spend a longer time in jail or to avoid jail, losing money by paying your ticket.
  10. If you want to commit crimes that's cool, you should just face repercussion for it. Right now if you have a bounty over 30,000 there's no reason to pay a ticket because you can just go to jail again for a maximum of 26 -28 minutes and then press plates which would get them out in 6 without losing any money. This gives them zero reason to make money and every money making zone is either dead or filled with new players who end up getting robbed by old players most of the time anyways. If your fun is at the sake of others and ruining their experience then you should have a negative benefit as well, wether they increase the jail time to an hour or remove the time limit. If there's an issue with cops not wanting to role play due to them only seeing money then put a percentage cap on the amount of money cops get from bounties. This was actually spoken about in a recent APD meeting and a lot of people spoke out against it and even came up with ideas to limit it. I think the idea behind this change was created due to cops getting someone with a high bounty in an HQ to process them only for them to be stalling for their gang to come rescue them by dropping suicide vesters and then running into where they're being processed and killing everyone meaning all that time that cop or those cops spent downing this player, processing them, and giving them the "opportunity to explain their charges" get nothing for their time. Again though, if cops sending people to jail just because they have high bounties is a huge issue then they can limit the percentage cops can get from a bounty when they go to jail. Very constructive feedback. The benefits to what I'm suggesting hardly benefit the cops and more negatively benefit the rebels who's entire purpose is to kill others with what is very loosely considered initiation " Hands up or die " and mow down cities of people. If you truly can't see an issue with this then you're probably part of the problem.
  11. Controversial opinion incoming.. getting a high bounty has no repercussion currently. Currently someone can go around and get a few hundred thousand dollar bounty and go to jail for a maximum amount of time of 26-28 minutes. If that person presses plates for that time they can be out in as little as 6 minutes which means they go right on back to committing crimes with little to no inconvenience if they find the right officer to discuss their charges and pardon their bounties. To be completely blunt, these players are not offering anything but a negative encounter for most players they run into which drives away the new players that join the server and by having such a low time cap on being jailed there is nothing to discourage that type of behavior. Benefits of this change: People would be less willing to go to jail with higher bounties and would either pay their tickets or actually role play to get out of their bounties. If people pay their tickets it brings money out of the economy and means those players now have to go and make more money which brings people back to money making areas which are dead. Increases the benefits to doing successful jailbreaks as someone with an extended jail sentence would have more of a reason for their gang to break them out. Potentially gives cops a break from federal event spam which would increase cop morale and cop population. Potentially gives new players a better role play experience as people will be less likely to go around "hands up or dying" everyone they see due to actually having repercussions if jailed. Negatives to this change: People who most likely are toxic to the server in the first place actually have to spend time in jail or learn to actually role play a situation to get out of a ticket. These servers thrived back in the day without these small jail timers, there's a reason few new players stay on the server. By implementing this change we can bring new players in and actually allow them time to enjoy the game without being constantly killed by people who don't care about killing everyone they see as worst case scenario they spend 6 minutes in jail.
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