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  1. here I fixed the mentions for you
  2. might take a min or two to finish processing
  3. What an age we live, China to the top
  4. North wongs that is currently on isnt the one im talking about, if you played in 911 era you'd know what im on about, that tower compound is literally the worst thing I've seen in my life
  5. Ifrit prices and chop prices should increase, forcing players to revert to using 1-2 ifrits in a fight rather than 1 ifrit per person, honestly its ruined the meta for fights as there isnt any strategy to anything anymore, cartels used to be fun now they're dog. In regards to locations for cartels. Bring back north wongs, bring back east arms. I know its something we've already had but it mixes things up for now
  6. Back when people didnt have alot of money ifrits we're 80K is, now everyone has millions theyre cheap as fuck, crank the price right back up and give them a risk to being used, be nice to see if we could pull strategy back into fights rather than the 50 ifrit zurg we have now
  7. You upping the price of ifrits aswell then?
  8. Dumped anything I had saved on this P.s please change the smokes on dom I just wanna be able to actually see people again
  9. Nice montage but I cant wait for this shooting red names in smoke shit to be gone its boring af
  10. AdaM_

    Tarkov gamers?

    Game just wiped lookin for big timers
  11. if he's bench sniping you're that far behind for him that when he's shooting you you're not in cover. Kinda dumb that that is to his advantage only and everyone has to put up with this shit, but if they keep buying membership who gives a fuck about the rest of us amirite
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