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  1. When you asked me to type in chat i didnt actually think you were going to post??1!!
  2. Lookin for Tarkov gamers hmu

  3. idk people made montages of pub matches on cod. This is new
  4. Nah now this really tickled me, I see jimmy’s point now tbf
  5. Forgot them mental health issues pretty quick didn’t u been on the forum 8 hours a day since you posted this montage lmao
  6. I knew a kid that said that for about 6 months, he's banned for cheating now
  7. let the grown-ups talk yeah but he's already on the rock no need for it there also why wait to shoot him by flicking his mouse away from him completely, then the random spazzy flick back is what im getting at none of it makes sense
  8. got me there just doesnt look normal, like why move ur mouse away from the kid and then flick super fast back to him, sure he might not be
  9. kinds looks like ur cheatin mental health kid cya l8ter none of these flicks are anywhere near being natural https://gyazo.com/93a44a3757eeeac082e946daa794a374
  10. been a thing for nearly 3 years do u even play the game
  11. You ever get that feeling ur not wanted here
  12. hope u all get corona virus ngl
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