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  1. At least you didnt delete the post this time
  2. AdaM_

    Montage #120

    You've missed my point, no one wants to watch this shit kys
  3. AdaM_

    Montage #120

    Cops in a field with no cover Edit : Only just watched the rest, you've put clips in that aren't even from this server lmao fuck off will you
  4. think I need to stop going on my phone
  5. might crash the server if they did
  6. Fucking hell takes me back to the day you joined here and posted your Olympus montage and got rinsed by the whole community , Hahahaha kys cartel days are over and the games gone
  7. A lot of very average kills for a BR montage imo i mean the only thing you do on that game is kill people and you’ve made a video of you getting double kills
  8. Gang names abit iffy but fair enough for actually making a gang GL
  9. More chance of Mitch hiding the post than that happening
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