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  1. @Spank
  2. Me, myself and I.
  3. Cringetage
  4. Now to find a way to meme your car when you're not looking
  5. 17.05.2015 03:36:09: CBW :DH: ESP Off'; [(" dhEsp = addMi"+"ssionEve"+"ntHandler ['Dr"+"aw"+"4D',{ { "
  6. Welcome friend, I go by many names but if I run into you lets cause a bit of chaos on the lands of Altis!
  7. Do you have real news that involves the servers not this garbage lol. Besides @Google™ this doesn't surprise me there are no good games on the market dude.
  8. Rekt rekt and rekt fake gangs who cares
  9. rekt fake gangs these days
  10. Oh damn back at this again
  11. We need donor titles for rank 7 and cool color names! Give me a title called Baller and make my name purple or somthing haha!
  12. Congratulations