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  1. id be intrested in buying. add me on steam abelinkin500. msg me and well work out a deal
  2. when are you gunna do this?
  3. You know i was bustin his balls right? XD Ive been playing this for like 4 years
  4. Is this offer still available? I just bought my first box truck
  5. Do you want to buy yourself a helmet but cant seem to find it? well now you have! ill sell each helmet for 3k. Need ephedra or unprocessed heroin? I got loads of that for you! Heres the prices... Helmets- 3k Unprocessed heroin- 275 a pop Ephedra- 300 a pop Bounty hunter mags(9mil, 5.56, 6.5)- 350 each I've got some etc for sale as well. just msg me. my in game name is abe. Thanks
  6. dont forget u cant sell ephedra. u only make meth with it. meth is worth 1300 each. if i sell u the ephedra for 300 (less than herion and coke) wed both make good money. and i have alot of it so itd save u time. and time is money
  7. i was thinking 300 a pop. itd still leave you with 1k profit per meth
  8. ill sell you a shit ton of coke/ ephedra. i have 800 of each
  9. Would anyone be intrested in buying ephedra in bulk? i have no joke 800. i havent figured out a price yet but i was jw if anyone would even want to buy it
  10. Could I be one of your pilots?
  11. pm me and well work out a coke deal
  12. sorry i was gone for a week... a lil family issue happend. send me a new link plz
  13. Yo dude hmu. Ive got a few business ideas
  14. I have a large quantity of cocaine and oil for sale. No scams or jyps! Just message me and ill give you the prices / times of how ill deliver them to you. Fast - easy... cheap too! Thank you!! -abe.
  15. Do you need shit dragged from one end of the map to anther safely, Quickly? or totally undetected? Then I'm your guy! I've got a Mohawk- a jet- and a Cesar prepped and set in my garage. 5k-25k per run. pm me server info and what needs transporting. I got you fam!