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  1. Proud

    YuSheng2 Apex Legned & Arma3

    good shit yusheng serenity carry right here
  2. Proud

    Easy Gang Wars

    To be continued... gets turned on doesnt record it
  3. Proud

    Asylum 1

    good shit myson the boy
  4. Proud

    first montage

    as expected
  5. Proud

    Kavala Ratting

    who the fuck are you, like hop off my cock @ing me in shit, like ur a nobody stick to kavala
  6. Proud

    Asylum 4

    S i I loved S this T montage E R
  7. Proud

    Montage 4

    well if thats the case then ur mighty gang leader is 10x worse, i mean fuck he tells girls about his arma career!! fuck off u thumb tack looking block head
  8. Proud

    Montage 4

    i dont remember ur real voice anymore update them drivers n1 deng man
  9. Proud

    Explicit | Montage

    i like all the singles!!!!!!! very solid!
  10. Proud

    Asylum #1

    n1 dandy serenity legend
  11. Proud

    Some ideas

    1 would be cancer and 3 would be way too op others i like tho good thinking
  12. usually lag happens when a lot of ppl load in mission files, idk if u can do anything about that but i have noticed its a thing @Jesse
  13. Proud

    Montage #1

    n1 twinkie fav clip is when that stupid becca kid got a double
  14. ur actually not that bad, i like that tree clip aswell but 1 thing i needa say, @mur SIT BAHAHHA
  15. Proud

    Asylum #5

    yea ik, next montage im not gonna put sped up clips that lead to being double kills over all and not gonna rush it, might take a bit cuz im not connor mcgregor and i dont bait my team but ill get there