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  1. Working on a new video! i know i suck at video editing and all that but i am learning! just a few clips of the fun iv had in battlegrounds over the past few days! Hit that sub button if this made you laugh and wanna see the full video later today!
  2. I love underground too! this guy is from Canada Vancouver BC
  3. Bruh i fucking love big L!
  4. The road to gold lol Come check out the stream if ya bored.
  5. Cringe kid singing all star at the start XD Roast my stoner laugh XD
  6. This is like the 6th montage iv seen in 2 weeks using this song
  7. you're the reason the gene pool needs a lifeguard
  8. This is what we have to do when we have this aids gang/group cap @Gnashes
  9. @Meloin What do you charge?
  10. you do not have to initiate with a speed bomb tho