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    Boi dont talk like dat bout my anime bitches or imma bash yo fatass face into the ground
  2. ^ title 3.1k hours Didn't play arma for 4 months so im trynna get back into it.
  3. In-game name: xanx Age: 20 Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot required): 2.4k Previous gangs: none on asylum Why would you like to join Prime: fights fights fights How active will you be? (Ex: 5-6 Days a week): all day every single day
  4. Trident | Rose | Dynasty | Exodus | Czar | Tree | Elusive | xvideos |
  5. Previous Names: xanx Age:19 Timezone: GMT +1 Hours(screenshot): 2140 rly cant bother screenshoting 2 accounts lmao What can you contribute to Velocity: Activity & willing to fight anytime Previous Gangs: none on asylum Why are you interested in joining Velocity: idk, looks like a good gang Anyone Who Could Vouch For You: my nigga @P A G E
  6. In-game name: ahk.ddos Age: 19 (turning 20 in 6 days) Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot required): 2125 Previous gangs: none on asylum, olympus : Blackwater / Trident / Rose / Dynasty / Exodus / Czar / Tree / Elusive Why would you like to join Prime: I spent all of my 2.1k fighting on Olympus, so Im looking for a good gang to fight with on Asylum How active will you be? (Ex: 5-6 Days a week): everyday 8+ hrs
  7. never used that site nor do i know what it is, now fuck off fanboy stalker
  8. hahahaah wtf someone give me his address, i will deadass pull up and kill him and anyone who tries some shit, those kids neda be stopped aint no fuckin kid flexin how he gonn pull up to anybodys house lmaooooooo please pull up to my place im begging you, i will stab the shit out of you, shoot you and feed you to my german shepherds fuckin fat faggot.
  9. lmao now that's some quality roasting
  10. probably blown up by now
  11. Why are you guys even arguing over who's cheating in who's gang lmao? Let people do whatever the fuck they want to anyways, stop poking your nose into irrelevant shit lmao
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