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  1. Initiation range makes sense. You shouldn't be able to clap a cop in Pyrgos because your buddy killed one in Kavala Revenge killing is rarely enforced but when it is something someone does get banned for it's incredibly lame. Before I knew someone who got banned for it I thought it was referred to using an excuse such as "Well he killed me an hour ago so I killed him on sight". It really shouldn't be a rule and the only type of person it benefits is someone who fucks with someone and then wants to cry to admins when it didn't go their way. At the very least it is poorly defined...which is also why people who play report wars don't think try and get someone banned for it. It shouldn't be a rule though because idk why you would want to ban someone who isn't even acting malicious. Also I'm pretty sure the person who shot you would appear red for you too which contradicts red = dead
  2. I'm not feeling another meta where only meth is profitable
  3. Why is this even a rule? No wonder people just get their kills in the report section
  4. Ah this got someone in Bamboo banned once. Totally not a stupid rule that gets people banned for very dumb reasons When explained like this it just shows it hurts solo players who otherwise would've done nothing wrong if they had a friend on close to the area. Again, when you have five minutes initiation this rule makes no sense...and I'm pretty sure that the person who killed you does not have to initiate again, but you have to
  5. I do love that severity seems to never come into play. Down the wrong person and they didn't get anything done to them after? Still banned as long as you would if you straight up RDM'd someone and made them lose a bunch of shit
  6. Imo its kind of a pointless system and I think everyone should start out with max talent points at the very least
  7. I just want the RPK to be at rebel. It is not good enough for a UFO drop or even a rebel airdrop if it drops from that thing
  8. Making things more expensive and nerfing money making in response to rich players who have been playing for a long time tends to hurt newer players more. With that being said, the weed and LSD nerfs are not the type of changes that make them no longer viable. I'm glad that the days of nerfing stuff into the absolute fucking ground seems to be over
  9. Meth is very profitable? Scotch must be too given the houses are still incredibly expensive and cartels are not really about the money. Increasing prices for shit too would just be stupid
  10. Imo VPNs have turned into a huge trust issue because of their ability to be abused. And if I want to put my tin foil hat on, I do find it weird that certain people get the invincibility glitch where they cannot die very frequently to the point where I would guess they are doing something on purpose.
  11. You're better off being a 'radical liberal' than coming off this gay lmfao
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