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  1. A little harder to be high tier when your gang doesn't have people with ESP
  2. I do respect clearing a tower with an SDAR. Beautiful
  3. Woodland camo because its the most aesthetic Fuckin' look at it
  4. Like I said in the other thread, it's just kind of gimmicky and not needed.
  5. Yeah I rather painkillers stay gone. It's a gimmicky feature imo.
  6. Disclaimer, not really my thing but it sounds a little repetitive
  7. Most accurate statement about try hard Asylum gangs
  8. I'm ready for BH again. Cartels are getting boring, I dunno how people play them exclusively
  9. I've always wanted this. It does come with issues but it would be nice
  10. Nah I like when everyone start panicking as they fly over and the shouting matches
  11. The Chinese are once again cheating. Other news at 4. That's not an RPG problem fam that's a thechinesecheatateveryfuckinggametheyplayproblem
  12. This is pretty cringe and fake news. If you're dealing with dupers then RPGs aren't the problem retard. Dupers could just be using suicide vest next. Going to cry and try and get those removed too? I was trying to be nice but it's clear you're just bitch made and wasting everyone's time.
  13. Kavala has mega rich players if you didn't realize that lol. And no, I go around the map and see what's poppin. I actively look for BLS and the menace from the east.
  14. Then I highly disagree even more lol. I have only been RPG'd once outside of a cartel. RPGs are very overblown just like shotguns because people can't adapt to change.
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