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  1. Just exploit like a true king. Yall are retarded
  2. I think permanent house keys would reduce the need for a gang to buy multiple houses in the same area. Five houses has been the norm and it's really nice. If anything, I think the base prices should go up since 250k is hardly anything and can be achieved pretty quick. I see a lot of new players who buy a house and then never get on again, then it's 30 days for that house to free up.
  3. I'm thinking that would be a nightmare for loads of reasons
  4. We out here banning people for harassment for using faggot and tranny but here you are saying it. Not complaining, I wanna use those gamer words too without fear of an admin being bundle of sticks
  5. Both should be fine. I don't see how blowing up a car through normal means for a desired effect would be exploiting. But, it probably started being considered exploiting when a retarded admin got rekt or wanted to ban someone they didn't like
  6. You need them for when you're fighting against the Chinese
  7. More challenging than just rooking them and making them lose their loadout that way lmfao. Plus, the burden should be on the retard who got downed by a P07 while fully geared
  8. Yeah, I don't want my money going to whatever Olio does in his free time
  9. War rating shouldn't even be a thing because people become pussies and never accept wars
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