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  1. Sounds like the old market system in a weirder way so -1
  2. If that's bannable that's very lame and just sounds like an admin got butthurt one day
  3. Let's remove racism being bannable
  4. Asylum will probably just make a server on there. Hopefully the map will allow for a life server
  5. Sheriff Rick


    Chad King has converted most of the kingdom to Christianity in his noble crusade. The vlandians are all that's left.
  6. Fucking this Wanna explain?
  7. There is abuse when you allow bounties to be kept, but I'm not sure if it should mean not doing it. All I know that removing pressing plates or keeping people AFK for 45 minutes at this point would be incredibly stupid
  8. Dude you need some fucking hobbies if leaving a fictional place in a video game is a big moment for you lol
  9. If you're going to pull up a post from March at least say something funny. Why am I living rent free inside of your head, anyway? I hardly even play lmfao
  10. Balancing the game around aspy cartel players is a horrible idea. The doors are gone and if you can't shoot people out of it now then you are just bad.
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