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  1. This is the reason I would be against it
  2. Rando better have said some crazy shit or this has been the biggest let down
  3. Things I'd nerf Bounty hunters should not be able to pick up 7.62s Bounty hunters should only be able to pull hunters. The money making should be nerfed IMO. Even without cheesing the system and arresting people who are turning themselves in, it's still ridiculously good money. Skill plays a role, sure, but I think most players never lose money while BH Something should be done about restraints. There's no easy solution but downing and restraining someone is a lot more effective than letting them respawn and grab a new loadout. Outside of cartels , restraining is typically better. Not to mention the griefing that can be done and locking people in houses and generally making people's time on the server terrible. Rebels should have the same perks as BH when it comes to lockpicking. My main problem with BH is the fact that it is better for rebel activities than the rebel license outside of cartels. In its current state, I think the MX being illegal is good because it at least inconveniences a BH somewhere and makes bounty hunting within a city somewhat harder. Personally, most of the cops don't even notice I have an MX on my back anyways. However, if BH received some nerfs I wouldn't care if the MX is legal.
  4. Nah. If anything BH needs nerfs as it has waaaaay too much utility
  5. It was hated tho and cartel players at the time said it was the reason nobody wanted to do cartels, which imo was kind of right. Idc about cartels but I also don't want people autistically camping rebel outposts in hopes of stealing dirty money either
  6. This was tried and it was hated
  7. May 17th we get to see the new Arma they've been working on
  8. In general passive money just isn't a good idea. Buds has gotten a few nerfs too but it's still such easy money
  9. Bruh LSD made insane money let's be real. Buds and LSD were terrible for the game. Scotch is the only one that is somewhat balanced
  10. Would be nice solely to give people comp
  11. I think this will have a much more positive effect. Buds and LSD ruined the economy
  12. The problem with doing a full wipe of the server is that it largely helps veteran players and big gangs. They know exactly what they will do to make money and the process will be very quick and linear. Many players are going to speed run back to where they were and people who aren't in the know will get left behind and turn into the entertainment of the gangs that have already grinded their money back. And then there is the question of how many times will the server get wiped after? Once? Or will it turn into a reoccurring thing? A lot of people will not like that either. Also I can't wait for BH to be cheesed
  13. I could get behind wiping excess money every few months but I think restarting everyone back to zero and no houses will just kill the server. Also removing buds is something that needs to happen
  14. People will not want to go back having nothing. Especially with housing. Asylum is an already solved game and resetting everyone will only give that nostalgia effect for two weeks before people have upwards of ten mil again. Adding more end game content that isn't federal events or cartels is a better idea than gambling with your playerbase
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