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  1. The Farmersville conspiracies are some of the best Asylum lore
  2. Who would run speed hacks lmfao this ain't a WoW private server
  3. I also think Strife will only work if it's up only on a Saturday for a few hours, which if this was the case I would also bring back the money Strife use to make people
  4. Team balance needs to be addressed and there should be less capture points on the map so there's more action
  5. The way some people have it in their head a wipe will go is not how it will play in reality lol. You're going to lose a lot of the server pop and even if you didn't those big fights at meth will never happen when there's like five less risky but still good ways to make money nowadays. New players might find a server like Olympus more attractive because I know that if I have the choice I am never going to pick a life server that wipes. It's good for Tarkov, Rust, and like those private fresh start WoW classic servers but not for a game with a very small playerbase it will just kill the server. I wouldn't touch people's current assets but maybe infamy can reset ( Monthly or something ) but have some very powerful perks? That in theory gets people running shit without making half your server pop leave.
  6. This was tried with Asylum's modded server and it didn't work out. The mods were also buggy to be fair, but there is no denying that people were turned off by starting fresh when they could instead go back to a server where they had money.
  7. Money is very easy to make nowadays and the only thing holding back new players is the talent system. Just give people all their talent points as soon as they start, the grind for them is stupid and it's no fun for new players and annoying for older players who have to deal with people who don't have the basic shit. Housing will just be a race to get the best houses and the same problem that is happening now will just manifest again within two weeks. Also, I'm not sure you want to have illegal areas incredibly busy as that hurts new players more than anyone due to the insane skillgap on Arma.
  8. I think admins would just spawn in rebel gear while everyone else only has enough money for PDWs lmfao
  9. Maybe the Chinese aren't so bad lmfao
  10. I would quit honestly, especially if houses were wiped. I like the fact that I can log on and have fun if I want to. I have 14m and I still grind money from time to time but it's nice that I am not feeling forced to.
  11. I feel like hiding stuff ( depending what is, ofc ) mainly benefits ban evaders lol. I am a professional my asylum inspector
  12. Sounds fun but GTA's combat is fucking horrible
  13. ability to buy 9mm and 45.acp suppressors let's fucking go
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