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  1. You guys sound cringe. Ari is a risk taker and yall are pussies
  2. People don't fight cartels because they are boring, there's really no incentive that will change it. It's content made for people who want to LARP as esports players, or at least that's who tends to gravitate towards it. Plus, to even start doing cartels requires some money and Arma combat experience. The buy in is way too steep and it's more fun to just kill cops
  3. I can't really relate, not saying I'm super skilled or anything. BH requires creativity and patience. Those are valid problems, some of which I think can be eased by allowing relogging for bounties or cutting the timer down to 1 minute so you aren't stuck spending so much time getting rid of people who you know to be rolling in a massive group, or are across the map. Risking your hunter is different. Don't do illegal stuff with it, and learn to hide your MX in a backpack/in the hunter if you are sirened if you are concerned. It's a non-issue
  4. Deal with it. Bounty hunting pulls in lots of cash if you're somewhat skilled anyways. It's an ez mode playstyle and yet BHs still cry about everything
  5. Strife with some adjustments would be fucking awesome What I disliked most about strife was jets and armored vehicles like tanks and APCs. There is just no way to balance them within Arma, they're meant to be OP and just are unbalanced for various reasons. What I liked most about Strife was when all things came together, teams were balanced, and there wasn't a lot of OP vehicles out, then the combat was some of the best fun I've had in Arma. I think with the removal of armored vehicles and jets, less capture points, and ways to balance teams then strife is a MUCH better option than koth.
  6. As someone already mentioned in a different thread, an event that starts with rebels having to drive a vehicle to a certain point that cops have to stop ( And probably can see in updated intervals on the map ) would be a lot of fun. Police chases are some of the most fun you can in the game imo. Gang warfare that brings people into the cities and makes that type of play in Kavala and Athira more valid would be a lot of fun too. Maybe a mini-turf event that gives a small cut of all sales in town both legal and illegal. The drug smuggler job, but in car form would be really cool. It could be you are undetected until you get into a certain radius of a cop. Also a timer that encourages you to take risky routes and stay on the highway could balance it so people don't just drive offroad and out in the middle of nowhere. Revamping gas station robberies. Right now, they can be really difficult if cops actually show up. They're really not all that defendable, which is fine, but they should award more than 5k and potentially award other benefits. Just some general ideas, none of it is really suppose to be caught in the semantics of balance and shit. None of it would even go EXACTLY how I would want anyways, just some random suggestions that stray away from cartels and fed/prison/bank
  7. Any gang that does not put BANTER WELCOME in the thread title is not a real gang.
  8. There's a lot of ways to blow up houses lol
  9. This shit got abused way too much. It turned into cops begging high value bounties to take parole
  10. Rebel content that gets away from cartels would be excellent. More dynamic events that pit rebel versus rebel or rebel versus cop would be a lot of fun. I know I'm lacking specifics, but in general getting away from the formula of cartels and banks/fed/prison is a great idea
  11. Exception is not the rule. I know everyone who doesn't want their ifrit blown up will come out of the woodwork and claim all sorts of crazy long shots, but the vast majority of the time RPGs are used very close up. The people who don't want them are braindead players who just want to ifrit push everything with no consequences. Balancing this game around cartel player's feelings has been a terrible idea.
  12. It's an RPG lmfao. 100 to 200 meters at best. Majority of people only fire them when people are close since the rockets were expensive. Go be a sperg somewhere else you fucking crybaby.
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