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  1. Removing the cap because career cops can't live out their power fantasy of always winning is a bad idea. The server is not fun when there's 20 cops on. God forbid higherups lose in front of the e-girl cadet they're grooming
  2. And you'll still get a full ticket most of the time LOL
  3. Cartels are not the answer to improve rebel life. They are boring and people have been doing the for years. Want to improve rebel life? Add some new content and have people fighting over different things
  4. Yeah, keep that shit. It's really gay when there's loads of cops on and now you'll add bounty hunters into that problem too...Not really fun.
  5. I rather the doors stay removed but it be way cheaper than it is now
  6. That actually sums up fed nicely and what will probably happen with the evidence locker. Evidence locker hardly gets done anyway and it seems one gang is basically specializing in it so that means nerf it entirely. All that will happen is that nobody will do it just like before.
  7. If anything, the evidence locker should be made easier/reworked because I never see people do it. It's the least rewarding event to do and the hardest
  8. Anyone who owns a house in Kavala or DP11 makes guns there. Also, it's the preferred one to use when you're making a lot of shit and you rather it not be stolen. It's fine where it is and the other black market has its own purposes
  9. Open another server Splits pop Servers look dead and there isn't as much to do Population decreases on both People ask for one server only People get mad when they lose their houses Repeat the cycle over and over. Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there?
  10. Marshal law with this APD. Not a good idea. The rest are good tho
  11. Thanks @Clint Beastwood for unbanning me and letting me play on Asylum again. I think you guys have done the absolute best that you possibly can with a game that has a dwindling playerbase and you guys were not handed the best situation starting out
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