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  1. Sheriff Rick


    Who knows what happened lol
  2. Sheriff Rick

    cop age

    Only constable? You ugly!
  3. I don't like that there's only a 50% chance that when I get downed that I can tell them to kys
  4. Weird how every hacker caught just recently started using them, used their hacks once, or only used them against other people they thought were hacking
  5. Kinda disappointed the admins didn't ban him first. I fought him once and thought he was hella sus lol. But, I'm sure he'll ban evade...if he wasn't already
  6. LOL Imagine my shock Poor Lim, he just had to go hard in the cake with unironic racism
  7. Apology accepted! Redlining should be a thing of the past. We look forward to putting this all in the past and building a beautiful future in Athira from our new embassy.
  8. 1. I was eager to switch from Seal Team Sloth to Asylum because Paratus was advertised housing, and also they didn't shove scopes behind a paywall like many life servers did at the time. 2. What made me love Asylum was that it was a large world, and crazy shit could happen. All over the map different things were happening and I thought that was really cool. Though, that has kind of been lost due to cartels and federal events being the main focus of PVP. 3. There's really nothing else like it, and Asylum is always a great game to play while waiting for something else to come out.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised, honestly
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