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  1. The Chinese are once again cheating. Other news at 4. That's not an RPG problem fam that's a thechinesecheatateveryfuckinggametheyplayproblem
  2. This is pretty cringe and fake news. If you're dealing with dupers then RPGs aren't the problem retard. Dupers could just be using suicide vest next. Going to cry and try and get those removed too? I was trying to be nice but it's clear you're just bitch made and wasting everyone's time.
  3. Kavala has mega rich players if you didn't realize that lol. And no, I go around the map and see what's poppin. I actively look for BLS and the menace from the east.
  4. Then I highly disagree even more lol. I have only been RPG'd once outside of a cartel. RPGs are very overblown just like shotguns because people can't adapt to change.
  5. RPGs are already expensive. People need to stop pushing cartels the same way that they always do and being so predictable. That's how you get blown up. People get too fearless with ifrits and orcas and there has to be a counter to that. Bamboo is a gang that uses RPGs and it's even rare for us to use one unless we really feel like spending that kind of money, I've only seen us use RPGs about four times in the months where I started to get back into cartels.. Most RPGs we use are from airdrops anyway. They're rare for anyone to use but it still has people who can't adapt to any change freaking out because they refuse to learn.
  6. You're bitchmade if you really want to remove RPGs
  7. They got two shots. Don't be an idiot and make it easy for them to shoot you and you're fine
  8. They haven't successfully gotten rid of their government after Mao took power and made China communist. And what made China powerful was retarded American leaders who thought that allowing China into the WTO and removing tariffs was going to be good for anybody except for greedy corporations that moved their plants and manufacturing over there and are now owned by the Chinese. Of course, the Chinese people don't get to see the profits of their labor but that's what you get when you're ran by communist. Also how are they going to get rid of their government when they don't even have guns? Which most Chinese don't really seem interested in because their wages and quality of living is rising and they're brainwashed.
  9. It's almost like when you kill millions during the great leap forward that the people left are either loyal or learn to shut up and then the generations to come are either loyal or learn to shut up. Also the Chinese are more nationalist than anyone, they like their country and to their credit China is doing very well because they are fucking everyone in trade and showing what a joke free trade is.
  10. Oh that was the day that nothing happened. Is anyone else sleepy?
  11. Democracy for Hong Kong
  12. Honestly I think the rating system made people not want to war anymore. Before the system people were usually alright with accepting a gang war and then after everyone was too worried about their rating and it made it boring
  13. Us evil bamboo union ghost capping rats fight you guys far more than op and his retarded friend. I think this is just some hardcore coping by people who think that just because nobody wants them in their gang that must mean cartels are dead
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