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  1. Mitch ethnically cleansed the locals there. Sorry!
  2. Isn't part of the problem with spamming fed events is the amount of money it generates? Not to mention that when fed events are spammed it's insanely easy for everyone else to run whatever the fuck they want lol
  3. I like the idea personally. I could see the time requirements being a little too strict tho. How long does the average player play and such? The house hoarding sucks but so would houses being limited to only extremely active players
  4. I'm waiting for new content. I've played an hour here and there but if nothing is happening then ofc I'm just gonna log and play something else. Idc if Asylum does intend to wipe everything but if you really think advertising an event as a test wipe and then turning that into a real wipe is a good idea and won't completely backfire then you are retarded lol
  5. Seems like some of you just wanted a chance at houses you didn't have before and all the talk about the economy and the dwindling player base is done in bad faith lol
  6. Was a dumb idea to allow back cheaters ngl
  7. I wonder if the people wanting this save to stay got good houses or their friends did? You're no better than the current house hoarders!
  8. Clips of GTA life end up viral on tiktok and I don't see a reason why that wouldn't happen for Altis Life. Asylum in particular blew up when a wave of youtubers and streamers took interest in Altis life
  9. The problem with wiping the server is that once everyone makes their money Asylum will be mostly the same, even with economy nerfs. There isn't a whole lot of new players coming in behind the old ones who are going to grind money too and some of you will endlessly make their experience on Asylum terrible and they will go play something else lol
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