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  1. Aren't most of you all ban evading because you hacked in the past or something?
  2. I choose to believe that Farmer and Bag are up to something just because I've seen like three people go full schizo mode and have these crazy ass conspiracies that make them look like AIPAC to the United States
  3. I'd like to think that this is all for the memes but I think there's some serious coping going on underneath and I find that disturbing
  4. Domination is gay and Strife is based
  5. Pretty sure you have to buy the DLC for it to be installed unlike all the other DLCs like Apex and Contact
  6. Best montage I've seen! Great content, and no cringe mumble rap. The bar has finally been risen
  7. Would be the nicest quality of life feature of all time
  8. It's making it to where there is absolutely zero reason for anyone to buy that DLC unless they first give Asylum a ridiculous amount of money. They're making the DLC pointless to buy for what's probably a somewhat noticeable chunk of Arma's playerbase nowadays
  9. It's rich that the people who can barely initiate properly want to cry about rdm and then want to be petty about comp. Luckily in your case that most of the time people will just trade with you by the time "Hands uppa" travels from Beijing to a freer nation
  10. I think that's probably just the half-baked story you came up with after you knew you had no choice but to pay or be permed lol. It would've been a lot cooler if you stuck to your guns instead of backing out like a bitch
  11. What about it, bitch? Also sorry mommy didn't like all those lootcrate purchases you made. Maybe if Domestic Abusers didn't spend an unhealthy amount of time on Asylum you guys could get jobs and actually afford stuff
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