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  1. Kendrick Lamar bruh
  2. Damn :/
  3. That's pretty unexpected
  4. I have been playing a ton of Tanoa lately but i think im going to switch back to Altis, the fog is driving me crazy...
  5. Cavs Kappa
  6. f

  7. If you're playing on Altis: Leave Kavala If you're playing on Tanoa: Leave Georgetown
  8. kms

    So I finally found the treasure chest that i had been looking for for hours and hours, i retrieve the stuff and on my way to the jewlery store to sell it I GOT VDM'D KMS
  10. @Wondero Do you use any ATC services like Vatsim or PilotEdge?
  11. Wat
  12. It's Kavala what do you expect.
  13. I usually use X-Plane 10 for simming, idk what it is about it but i really seem to enjoy it over FSX and other sims... I usually fly the 737-200 by FlyJSim. I am also currently a student pilot working towards my PPL hoping to have a career in flying some day
  14. I might have accidentally RDM'd? Some guy was recording me and was basically trash talking me, so i killed him, is that considered RDM? Because technically he initiated by trash talking... Lmk cuz i really dont want to be banned lol.