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  1. ik, i've been doing that but it kinda sucks when you're only compensated half of what you would have gotten if the server didnt go down.
  2. Something needs to happen with these servers. I'm getting pretty sick of having 70k+ worth of drugs on me and having the server go down and losing everything.
  3. Kendrick Lamar bruh
  4. Damn :/
  5. That's pretty unexpected
  6. I have been playing a ton of Tanoa lately but i think im going to switch back to Altis, the fog is driving me crazy...
  7. Cavs Kappa
  8. f

  9. If you're playing on Altis: Leave Kavala If you're playing on Tanoa: Leave Georgetown
  10. kms

    So I finally found the treasure chest that i had been looking for for hours and hours, i retrieve the stuff and on my way to the jewlery store to sell it I GOT VDM'D KMS
  12. @Wondero Do you use any ATC services like Vatsim or PilotEdge?
  13. Wat
  14. It's Kavala what do you expect.