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  1. The APD is run like an organization with certain policies and regulations governing it. Psychology proves that younger age equates to less vigilance of your actions and a willingness to do your own thing (a part of maturity). The APD doesn't need that. Because of the nature of the APD and the large number of whitelisted officers, the APD needs individuals who are able to abide by a piece of text and take an order. Not saying you can't, but generally that is the case around your age group. And just for the record, the age limit has been lowered considerably twice in t
  2. The answer is no to all of the above. Here's what actually happened: I realized it's just another geocaching game, branded to Pokemon, thus resulting in the addiction - rendering my desire to play absent.
  3. My girlfriend is eerily obsessed with the game. Unlike me, who uninstalled after 5 minutes of playing it.
  4. It was an admin seizing duped money.
  5. Active pursuit into a cartel is still the same as the old policy. So, no, they don't have to back off. ^ what he said. That corporal+ may have others with him/her which are not tracking but simply providing backup - but as long as there is someone with a warrant there, no APD policies are broken.
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JHiFbRVPZ3GIJ0Lv-r38-vNPL75VEy1bP4rYV5xkTnE/edit#gid=1651371919
  7. Tears for fears instrumental in the background
  8. I chuckled a little while reading this.
  9. Not a bad idea. I mean, last couple times I've been kidnapped, I've been playing really aids music over my mic.
  10. Kind of funny how this is an assassination video of me but "Wondero was killed" is never in the video.
  11. Don't know if this is mentioned before - but prisoners are still wanted after coming out of jail, and charging someone with crimes on cop after they were not wanted at all does not make them appear on the wanted list. Seen on Server 1.
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