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  1. Ayyyyyyyy make cartel money go straight into the gang account
  2. Now you gotta mention him. No balls
  3. Get em 3 Rip
  4. I don't mind it. It opened up more houses to be used for running drugs. I had a house by meth and the change didn't bug me at all.
  5. I'm not even a try hard and I say 1 down. I'm just a fucking Kavala troll
  6. 100% agree on pilot coveralls. They've ruined combat, not just for cartels either. No way they go away though, it makes them too much money.
  7. Some cops believe this and others don't. I have had it plenty of times where the same cops have returned. Unless people are being told the wrong things
  8. I just wish that if you kill cops at an illegal area they don't come back. I don't give a fuck about anything else.
  9. You had two hours to cool down and not be so buttblasted. And you're still being this salty? Lol.
  10. Because crafting guns does not go with cartels. I have crates filled with guns but it's only good for running drugs, robbing people and killing cops. Crafting guns is all about proximity and what is around you, that determines how you'll use them. It's not good for cartels or gang on gang warfare that isn't in Kavala.
  11. I think he means that you're giving another excuse for the devs to not look at the mistakes they are making, namely never listening to the community and even with low playercount, still being defiant on shit that clearly isn't working. But again, there has always been a massively popular game. Before PUBG there was CSGO and Overwatch
  12. If you remove the server protection on those houses, then the windows can break and I can kill people easier On a serious note since we both play on the same server and a lot of this is directed at Bamboo and friends, I 100% agree on the slaughtering of civilians. Every time I'm on I make sure that shit is to a minimum.
  13. And before PUBG there was CSGO and Overwatch. And nobody is asking for free money. Money going straight into the gang bank while capturing a cartel is not free money. You have to capture it and hold the cartel, that does cost you loadouts and vehicles. Having cheaper loadouts isn't free money. If anything, people just want the taxes and high demand to have less of an impact on how much they are having to spend.
  14. It ain't that deep. Chill dude it's the forums. Please stop quoting me I do not like explaining simple things to autistic people.
  15. All I remember is you being a career cop who constantly bitched about civs alongside Dull. And now you are continuing to bitch about civs as they are trying to make Asylum halfway decent again just for some acceptance by a person online