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  1. The APD can't do anything in moderation. Corporals have drones now? Let's use the fuck out of them. We can HVT people who are only wanted for 25k? ( Thankfully that finally changed a little, I guess ) Let's do it every single time even when the situation doesn't warrant it. We can shoot from a gunner seat? Let's use our sirens and then just blast people.
  2. Spicy
  3. Prowler doesn't even really look like a cop vehicle. Most cops would stick to sports hatchback anyway
  4. Why are people still watching montages
  5. I feel uncomfortable
  6. I think i've only ran into one hacker so far on PUBG. It's not that rampant, most games using battle eye don't have a lot of hacks
  7. Asylum Exchange Removing CSATs and going with just carrier lites again.
  8. Better than getting killed by jets
  9. Pretty much Asylum balancing 101
  10. Fuck you beat me to it
  11. The way he worded it made it seem like to me that Altis Life and Strife are going to feed off of each other more than they already do
  12. This might already be your idea but wouldn't it be smarter to relaunch it after 8.0 so it gets more attention?
  13. Well, I mean that was a really dumb move on your part
  14. Very cruious to know if Strife is going to be relaunched. With a couple bug fixes and features regarding team balance, strife would likely get it's population back if it is a stable launch this time around. @Paratus @Gnashes @bamf
  15. Stop pirating games