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  1. i actually really like it but i feel like the asylum forums isn't the place to post lo fi beats
  2. Name - death to palestine Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot) - 2000 Age - 22 Previous Banks / Law firms - Why do you want to join the Shekelsteins? I want to oppress Palestinians however i can How many shekels can you bring to the Shekelsteins? 1000000 Who can vouch for you in the banking guild? Netanyahu
  3. when are we getting our jean shorts transfer option?? how else am i supposed to pay chipotle for actually getting a mullet
  4. all games lost their fun once i discovered ketamine
  5. Hours(with a screenshot): Age: 6th grade Previous gangs: brutality, influx, reliance, independent slayers Is there anyone that can vouch for you in the gang? If so name them: no members just gravl How active are you, realistically? active
  6. why did you trim the part where i drop and kill you out
  7. he's not gay, it's just that gender doesn't matter as long as they're related to him
  8. yeah the homie on vacation let me see that shit
  9. somehow i feel like this is related to why you prefer the tags
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